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Consultez nos dernières actualités, nos nouvelles et nos communiqués de presse ci-dessous. Pour en savoir plus sur le travail de B Lab U.S. et Canada, vous pouvez consulter notre page de mission et nos articles de blog.

Dernières nouvelles

  • 2 B or not 2 B: Why brands seek B Corp status (Morning Brew)

    With its rigorous testing and legal requirements, B Lab urges companies not to view the achievement as a label, but as a commitment.

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  • What It Means to Be a B Corp (WWD)

    What the label means for apparel makers branding themselves as conscious actors — and the consuming public they are courting.

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  • Balancing purpose and profit: Why companies are seeking B Corporation status (San Diego Tribune)

    The world has changed, and businesses of all kinds are now facing intense pressure to increase their social responsibility

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Action collective

  • Public Benefit Corporation vs. B Corp: What's the Difference? (U.S. News & World Report)

    One is a legal status. The other is a certification. Both PBCs and B Corps aim to change capitalism.

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  • Big Food Companies See ESG ‘Halo’ as Key to Building Brands (Food Institute)

    In recent years, the uptick in consumer demand for purpose-driven brands has been profound, and food and beverage companies are no exception to the rule.

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  • Quicktake "Take the Lead" (Bloomberg)

    B Lab U.S. and Canada CEO Jorge Fontanez discusses B Lab's journey towards antiracism and invites others in leadership to consider the same.

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Points forts de B Corp

  • How Sustainable Companies Keep Their Cred After They Go Public (Inc Magazine)

    More and more businesses that tout sustainability as a core tenet are filing for IPOs.

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  • Fors Marsh Group Takes A Data-Driven Approach To Help Build Consumer Awareness Of Social Impact (Forbes)

    With a focus on data-driven impact, Fors Marsh Group has grown over 20 years into a research and strategy ...

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  • The B Corp movement is accelerating during the pandemic (Fortune)

    To Emmanuel Faber, CEO of food giant Danone, the coronavirus pandemic is a reason to accelerate ...

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Derniers communiqués de presse

  • 1.11.22

    Une nouvelle série de podcasts explore comment les entreprises peuvent aider à résoudre nos problèmes sociaux et environnementaux les plus urgents

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  • 2.7.22

    B Lab fait appel à son partenaire de vérification Genashtim pour faire face à la croissance et aux temps d’attente dans le processus de certification B Corp

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