Resources for Black, Indigenous and Other People of Color

This page is dedicated to uplifting Black, Indigenous, Asian-American/Pacific Islander and Latinx companies within the B Lab U.S. & Canada community, providing them with opportunities to enhance their experiences within the business world.  If you’d like to submit a resource to be considered for this page, please fill out our submission form.

Know Your Rights Camp

The Know Your Rights Camp Legal Defense Initiative has identified and teamed up with top lawyers nationwide to provide legal resources for those in need.

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The Fifteen Percent Pledge

Black people make up 15% of the US population. So, The Fifteen Percent Pledge asked businesses to dedicate 15% of their shelf space to Black-owned brands.

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Juneteenth is a day that honors Black freedom and Black resistance, and centers Black people’s unique contribution to the struggle for justice in the U.S. This Juneteenth is a rare moment for our communities to proclaim in one voice that Black Lives Matter, and that we won’t tolerate anything less than justice for all our people.


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Ways to Help by @Seanwineman on Twitter

Ways you can help by signing petitions, donating, voting and more. Shared by @Seanwineman on Twitter.

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Petitions and Donations

A Google Doc sharing the current petitions related to racial justice.

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Justice for Chantel Moore

On June 4, 2020, an indigenous woman named Chantel Moore was killed by an Edmundston police officer during a wellness check. This link is a petition to pressure the Edmundston Police Force to criminally charge the officer with a count of second-degree murder.

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Demand racial data on police involved deaths in Canada

Advocacy for the documentation of police-involved deaths by race in Canada. This will give us transparency and much-needed data that can support further change.

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8 Can’t Wait

Research shows more restrictive use of force policies are associated with fewer police killings. Tell your city to adopt all eight of these policies.

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Stand With Bre

Important updates from Breonna Taylor's case and action steps to #StandWithBre and finally secure justice in this case.

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Become and Find Allies for Women of Color

From Ellevate Network. Learn about the struggles Black women face in the workplace, what it means to be a mentor and a sponsor, how you can find your allies at work and thrive as a woman of color, how you can be an ally at work, and advice from powerful Black voices.

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A Guide to Allyship

A compilation guide for Allyship including resource links and dates.

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Resources for Black Lives Matter

A Google Doc of resources for Black Lives Matter.

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About These Resources

Since 2020, businesses across the U.S., Canada, and worldwide have focused attention, time and resources on anti-racist education. B Lab U.S. & Canada has also been one of those organizations channeling energy to move towards a racially equitable economy and society.

At the same time, those most directly impacted by systemic racism deserve to be highlighted, uplifted and centered within this community.