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Why Certify?

Why Become a B Corp?

B Corps are for profit companies that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability through our certification process. B Corp Certification doesn’t just prove where companies excel now — it also commits companies to their mission for the long term.

B Corp Certification Overview

Set the Standard for Ethical Business

B Corp Certification is the only certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance, with its tool: the B Impact Assessment. The assessment evaluates how your company’s operations and business model impact your workers, community, environment, customers, and governance. From your supply chain and input materials to your charitable giving and employee benefits, B Corp Certification proves your business is meeting the highest standards of verified performance.



Learn From Other B Corps

“It has to be within your DNA to want change in order to become certified within a community that is fighting for change, and with that level of synergy, impactful change is inevitable.”

Sebastian Velmont RECIRC Co-Founder

See the Case Study from RECIRC

“Being a B Corp means so many things to me. It is a people-centric movement of dedicated, innovative, inclusive, caring, passionate, values-aligned and balanced entrepreneurs.”

Carla Heim BDC

See the Case Study

“Being a B Corp means social responsibility. It means Fireclay Tile measures our business beyond simply financials and growth, but with transparency and accountability to ensure we are successfully benefiting all stakeholders.”

Eric Edelson Fireclay Tile

See the Case Study from Fireclay Tile

“B Corp is a unique community of like-minded individuals who share a commitment for business using its power to do more good for people and the planet.”

Byron Peart Goodee

See the Case Study from Goodee

Join a Community of Trailblazers

Attract People with Passion

Attract People with Passion

Now, more than ever, workers are choosing to work for companies that reflect their values. There’s no better way to attract and engage mission-aligned talent than to verify your values with B Corp Certification.

  • 144:1 is the world average pay ratio of highest paid to lowest paid employee. (source: Harvard). 6:1 is the average pay ratio of B Corps.
  • B Corps are 61% more likely to anonymously survey employees on gender identity, race/ethnicity, disability status, and other demographic factors to manage and improve workforce diversity and inclusivity.
More Than a Logo

More Than a Logo

The third-party validation that comes with B Corp Certification helps your company stand out and stand by your mission. The B Corp seal differentiates good companies from what is just good marketing. The seal empowers individuals and clients to confidently vote with their dollars.

  • Aggregate awareness of B Corp in the US is: 43% and in Canada: 32%.
  • 488% increase in news attention to B Corps in 2020 compared to 2019.
Continue to Hold Your Company Accountable

Continue to Hold Your Company Accountable

You’ve been doing the work — and there’s always more to do! Continued use of the B Impact Assessment helps your company set goals, track performance, and engage other departments along the way.

  • The average B Impact Assessment score for a B Corp is 96.5. The average score of ordinary business is 57.3
  • B Corps are 2x more likely to provide training and resources to improve the social environmental performance of its suppliers.
Protect Your Mission and Legacy

Protect Your Mission and Legacy

Make sure your company is built on a solid legal foundation for the long term. The B Corp legal framework helps you protect your mission so that you can continue to change the world while not letting the world change your business.

  • Investment professionals are willing to pay a 10% median premium to acquire a company with a positive record for environmental, social, and governmental issues. (source)
  • B Corps are 2.2x more likely to have their Board of Directors review the company’s social and environmental performance on an annual basis.
Build Relationships

Build Relationships

Join a community of business leaders who share your beliefs. Together the B Corp community is addressing our most pressing social and environmental problems. Connect online, meet in person at events, or build client and vendor relationships within a powerful community of practice.

  • Our online platform, the B Hive, connects over 4,000 B Corps and 25,000 mission aligned professionals.
  • Join a collective action group and achieve more together than you can alone: B Corp Climate Collective, We the Change, or one of 20+ B Local communities across the U.S. & Canada to network and learn from other B Corp professionals in your region.
Join the Movement

Join the Movement

B Corps set the standard for good business by continuously increasing their performance and adopting new legal structures used by thousands of businesses worldwide.

Take the Next Step

Take the Next Step


Read our clear-cut guide to B Corp Certification. Getting started couldn’t be easier.

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