We The People Means All The People

Resources for B Corps to Get Out The Vote

The B Corp movement prides itself on making the economic system work for all people and the planet. An incredible amount of power, insight, wisdom, and advocacy already exists within the B Corp community. All businesses have a unique ability to use their practices, platform, and status to affect change in our political system. They have a responsibility to use those resources to help bring about a more equitable and just world.

One way B Corps can do that is by working to expand access to the ballot, using internal company policy, external communications, and advocacy. In the last few years, voting access has diminished across the United States. According to the ACLUover the last decade, instead of protecting the Voting Rights Act (VRA) and expanding access to the ballot box, the Supreme Court and courts across the country have dismantled and gutted crucial parts of the VRA.” These changes have made it more difficult for people to exercise their right to vote, particularly for people in marginalized communities.

The goal of B Lab U.S. & Canada’s “We The People Means All The People” campaign is to help B Corps affect social and political change on the pressing matter of voter access. 

There are many ways companies can support voter access. B Corps are already taking the lead by engaging with their customers, employees, and communities on this important issue. To help highlight this important work, B Lab U.S. & Canada is partnering with the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, The National Urban League, and others to educate the B Corp community on why voting rights matter, how to help Get Out the Vote within your company and community, and how to advocate on the federal and state level.

B Lab U.S. & Canada joined our partners, the ACLU, the National Urban League, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Amalgamated Bank, Ben & Jerry’s, and Chicory Wealth, to discuss how B Corps can engage in voting rights advocacy. Watch the recording below and check out the events slide deck for more information! 

Watch the Recording

Below you’ll find resources on the following topics:

  1. Voting Rights Act
  2. Voting Rights Act in Peril — ACLU Blog
  3. Redistricting 101 — ACLU Explainer Site
  4. Overview of voter suppression laws leading into 2022 midterms — Brennan Center
  5. Voting Rights in the South — Southern Poverty Law Center
  6. NYT Article — Voting Rights Tracker
  7. The Voting Rights Act Should Still Have Bi-Partisan Support — LCCHR
  8. Take A Vote — ACLU Documentary
  9. At Liberty Podcast — Racist Reality Voter Suppression
  10. Wilmington, NC white supremacist coup podcast
  11. Midterm Elections — How These Offices Impact Your Rights
  1. When We All Vote voter resources
  2. Corporate Civic Playbook  — Best practices for businesses to get out the vote with their employees and customers.
  3. Time to Vote  — Commit to giving your employees time off to vote.
  4. ASBN Taking Action on Voting 
  5. ActiVote  — a Certified B Corporation focused on increasing civic engagement.
  6. The Power of One Vote
  7. Volunteer as a Poll Worker
  8. ActiVote Employee Resources
We the people means all the people

Leaders in Conversation: Why Business Has a Role in Protecting Voter Rights

Voting access, particularly for people of color, is at risk this fall during midterm elections. Watch the recording of our conversation with the ACLU and the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

Watch the Recording

This page is a resource on a variety of voting access topics in the United States, but is not an exhaustive list of all materials. This is an ever-evolving resource. Please complete this form if you have any resources you’d like us to consider adding.