Process, Requirements & Fees

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The Process: What To Expect & How To Prepare

  • The B Impact Assessment will be your main tool for B Corp Certification.
  • Many people at your company will likely need to be involved to collect information for the B Impact Assessment. Learn how to add your team members to the B Impact Assessment.
  • Expect the process to take at least 12 months. There are ways to make sure you’re ready for each stage of the process and anticipate what you need. To help, we’ve created a few B Corp Certification readiness guides.
  • Use this checklist to make sure you’re ready. If you scored between 80 and 85 points, we recommend reviewing this resource.
  • For more information on how to choose a track in the B Impact Assessment, please see use this guide. If your company has been operating fewer than 12 months, please refer to our Pending B page.


Verify Your Social & Environmental Performance every 3 Years

Complete the B Impact Assessment, achieve a verified score of 80 points or more, and pass the disclosure questionnaire review.

The verification process will happen after you have submitted your assessment.

Mission Lock Your Company

Your company must adopt a legal framework that accounts for all stakeholders. This varies by country and state/ province. Please use our legal requirement tool to determine the right path for your company.

Embrace Transparency

Publish your B Impact Report in our B Corp Directory. This will be done as a final step right before certification.

Pay Your Annual Fee

You are expected to recertify your company every three years, but you must pay an annual fee based on your gross revenue. See our fee table for more details.

B Corps must recertify every three years. If you’ve made it to this page and are a B Corporation looking for guidance on recertification, please see our resources.


Before You Certify, here are some of the steps your company should follow:

  1. 1 Understand the Business Case for B Corp Certification and the Legal Requirement

    Learn more about the value of certifying and amending your legal documents with the B Corp Legal Framework.

  2. 2 Create a Team

    Rally people from across your company, including Legal, Human Resources, Procurement, Facilities & Leadership. Once they get on board, the process for collecting information for the assessment will be more efficient.

  3. 3 Complete the B Impact Assessment

    Use the bookmark feature to save questions to come back to later to update. Collect any missing answers from your team and identify opportunities for improvement.

  4. 4 Submit for Verification

    Once you’ve reached at least 80 points on the B Impact Assessment, submit your assessment for review. A one-time non-refundable USD 150 fee is due at the time of submission. See our submission fee FAQ to learn more.

  5. 5 Reach Out

    If your company is over $100M USD in annual revenue, please reach out to before submitting your assessment.

What To Expect During the Review Process

  1. 1 Certification Readiness

    After submitting your B Impact Assessment, make sure all of your documentation is available and ready to share with our team. During this time you can also learn more about ways to engage with the B Corp community through our articles & resources.

  2. 2 Evaluation

    In this step, an Evaluation Analyst will confirm your company’s business operations and Impact Business Model points and track.

  3. 3 Verification

    A Verification Analyst will then verify additional questions through documentation and by engaging your team directly. At this point, your score may change and that’s okay!

  4. 4 Sign the B Corp Agreement

    Your team will then sign our B Corp Agreement and the Declaration of Interdependence and pay the first year of annual certification fees. View our fee structure below.


Our LEVEL program aims to build additional models of engagement and support for businesses led by Black, Indigenous, or other People of Color who also identify as women. If you are interested in learning more or participating in the program, read more.

Certification Fee Structure

Each year B Lab will collect your gross annual revenue to determine the pricing tier for your company’s invoice.

$0 to Less Than $5 Million

Annual Sales Fee
$0 – <$4.9M $2,000

$5 Million to Less than $50 Million

Annual Sales Fee
$5M – $7.4M $3,000
$7.5M – $9.9M $3,750
$10M – $14.9M $6,000
$15M – $19.9M $8,500
$20M – <$29.9M $12,000
$30M – <$49.9M $16,000

More Than $50 Million

Annual Sales Fee
$50M – $74.9M $20,000
$75M – $99.9M $25,500
$100M – <$174.9M $30,000
$175M – $249.9M $35,000
$250M – $499.9M $40,000
$500M – $749.9M $45,000
$750M – $999.9M $50,000
$1B+ Based on size & complexity of the business

Equity Discount

U.S. or Canada-based entrepreneurs facing systematic barriers to business ownership can receive a 40% discount on certification fees. Learn more about our equity discount.

Certification Readiness

There are many things you can do after you submit your B Impact Assessment for B Corp Certification. While you wait to be paired with an analyst, please review some of our certification readiness resources.