Who Can Certify?

Who Can Certify?

A company must be a for-profit business and have been in operations for at least 12 months to be eligible for B Corp Certification. While for-profit companies of all shapes and sizes can certify as B Corps, the path to get there varies. The standard approach shared in this guide covers companies under USD 100M in annual revenue.

See additional details if your company falls into one of the following categories:


Companies that have been in operation for fewer than 12 months are eligible for Pending B Certification. Learn more about Pending B Corp Certification


Large Companies & Multinationals

Large Companies & Multinationals:

Companies over USD 100M in annual revenue and/or operate in multiple countries may have to go through a more involved certification process. Please see the following resources:

Controversial Issues

Controversial Issues

We also take a stance towards some controversial industries. Find more information about controversial industries and learn about how this might affect your company in the disclosure questionnaire. Involvement in certain controversial industries may affect your ability to certify.