A Network is a self-organized group aligned on impact, industry, role, region, or identity.

There are many Networks within the B Corp ecosystem and they are all volunteer-led, by leaders from within the B Corp Community. Networks represent a powerful opportunity for you to engage more deeply with fellow B Corp community members.

Below is a list of the current Networks in the U.S. & Canada B Corp community. To learn more about their areas of focus and how to get engaged, please see the links below. Please note, some Networks are exclusively for B Corp Community members, while others are open for all to join.

If you work at or own a B Corp and you do not see a Network that represents your needs, please see this resource on how to start a new Network. If we can help support your Network engagement, or if you’d like your Network featured on this page, please email Becca Quirk at

Connect on the B Hive
BIPOC Network illustration.

BIPOC Network illustration.

Black, Indigenous, & People of Color Network

This network brings together those that identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to form community and offer opportunities and collaboration. If you identify as BIPOC, join their slack group and send a message in the Welcome & Intros channel. Be sure to also sign up for the BIPOC newsletter. This Network is open to all folks, regardless of if they work at B Corps.


B Local Map

B Local locations marked on a map of the United States & Canada.

B Locals

There are dozens of B Locals in markets across the United States & Canada that facilitate local B Corp community engagement. Each B Local focuses on regional issues and its own connectivity goals. Explore our B Locals and sign up to receive their newsletters.

map of B Locals

map of B Locals

B Tourism

Want to make travel a force for good? Join the B Tourism network to make travel and hospitality more sustainable by sharing best business practices, safety protocols, and environmental goals. Join the B Hive group to learn how to join their monthly calls. Be sure to also check out their website. This group is open to anyone in the travel and tourism industry.

B Corp Beauty Coalition

Join other B Corps in the beauty industry to share best practices, improve actions, and aim to influence the way the beauty industry sets sustainable standards. They have three subgroups working on logistics, packaging, and ingredient sourcing. Check out their website and join the B Hive group for the latest.

B Corp Marketers

This network is for professionals from all aspects of the marketing realm who seek to connect, share best practices, and find aligned partners. Join their B Hive group and sign up for the B Lab U.S. & Canada Marketers Newsletter to learn how to optimize your organization’s certification. This network is only for B Corp employees.


B2B Logo

B2B Logo

B2B B Corps

Join B Corps with Business to Business (B2B) business models collaborating to help each other grow their businesses, increase their impact, and raise B Corp Certification awareness with enterprise customers. Join their B Hive group, sign up for their newsletters, and join their regular calls.

B Corp HR Professionals

This network is for B Corp employees that focus on human relations or People & Culture topics; there are two subgroups within this network that focus on different HR areas, B Culture and the Talent Collective. Join their B Hive group and sign up for the B Lab U.S. & Canada HR newsletter to help embed B Corp principles into your organization. This group is primarily for employees of B Corps. 


We The Change

A gathering of B Corp leaders at a We the Change event.

We the Change

We the Change welcomes leaders who identify as female to join them in forging connections, providing support, embedding JEDI practices, growing business acumen, backing policy, and much more. To join, sign the pledge on their website and subscribe to the newsletter, join the B Hive Group, and slack channel. You do not need to work at a B Corp to join this network.

B Fashion

B Fashion aims to gather all B Corps in the fashion industry. They come together for regular meetings to connect and share the best practices for promoting regenerative and sustainable fashion. They also share stories and uplift partners to raise B Corp awareness. Join their B Hive group or their LinkedIn group to see more. This group is open to all folks in the fashion industry.


The EOS & B Corp Network is dedicated to supporting certified B Corps who run on or use tools form the Entreprenurial Operating System (EOS) to further their mission. Join their B Hive group or get in contact with This group is for B Corps.