17 B Corp Vendors and Suppliers That Can Help Amplify Your Company’s Positive Impact

January 26, 2022

Business leaders looking to enhance their company’s social and environmental impact can partner with suppliers and other strategic partners who also strive to create value for their stakeholders. By re-examining the services and products that help keep a business running and growing — banking, insurance, marketing, health insurance, breakroom coffee, and more — companies can choose to do business with other businesses that operate with a purpose beyond just profit.

Companies in the Certified B Corporation community are evaluated for their impact on workers, customers, community, and the environment and sign on to benefit all stakeholders through their practices, policies, and products. The B Corps highlighted in this article offer services and products to other businesses while also creating value for their communities and customers. Through their partnerships, collaborations, and supply chains, these B Corps help create a more resilient and inclusive economy that creates value for more people.

• Looking for business partners? People in the B Corp community can connect with other business leaders on the B Hive, an online platform.

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Burnham Benefits


Created by and for B Corps, B Healthy is an alternative health insurance program for employees of participating companies. B Healthy allows for group purchasing of reinsurance through a stop loss captive owned by B Corps. Health care expenses continue to rise, and both employers and employees are left to cover the costs. As a community of companies that care for their employees and company culture, B Corps came together to create a better way to provide medical coverage for their workers. B Healthy is a long-term health care insurance solution for small to mid-sized employers (minimum of 50 employees enrolled in current medical plans).

ChicoBag and To-Go Ware


Since 2005, ChicoBag and To-Go Ware have helped millions of people bag their single-use habits by offering a variety of high-quality, responsibly made reusable solutions for every lifestyle. Their branded promotional products with a purpose include totes, utensil sets, and bottle slings that are useful and practical. As a B-Corp, 1% For The Planet member, and a business that completely offsets their carbon emissions, ChicoBag and To-Go Ware make it easy to exchange wasteful, single-use bags, utensils, and containers for long-lasting reusable products that empower you to protect our planet from pollution and preserve its beauty for generations to come.

Citizen Yard


While going through their own B Corp certification process, the founders of Citizen Yard had a difficult time finding support specifically geared toward small businesses — so they pivoted the business to focus on being that support. The team at Citizen Yard is made up of B Corp evangelists who work exclusively with small businesses going through the process of becoming an impactful brand by restructuring critical elements of their business and incorporating B Corp values at the heart of their brands. With a focus on providing products and services positioned for a variety of budgets, Citizen Yard guides companies through the B Corp Certification process.



EarthHero Sustainable Corporate Gifting helps businesses create a positive impact when sourcing client gifts, employee gifts, promotional products, and more. With a large product assortment, the ability to decorate products with custom logos, build custom gift boxes, and ship orders to all your recipients, EarthHero makes custom bulk orders easy and green! In alignment with B Corp values, all products meet EarthHero’s high sustainability standards, all shipments are carbon offset, and all orders support the company’s 1% for the Planet partnership. Plus, all gift box orders are shipped plastic-free!

Evolution Marketing


Through its unique business model, Evolution Marketing provides holistic sustainability consulting services — such as environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and the people side of sustainability. Evolution Marketing only works with clients that need professional communications and creative marketing services to better share their sustainability stories to educate their salesforce and market about their services. The consulting agency provides numerous triple-bottom-line resources on its website and has helped identify environmentally and socially preferred vendors for a variety of clients. Evolution Marketing is a member of 1% for the Planet and offers its services in a carbon-neutral manner.

Connect with Others in the B Corp Community

The B Hive is the online platform for Certified B Corporations where all members of the community can network, do business, share best practices, and inform the community on the state of the world.


Fairware Promotional Products


Fairware is a full-service promotional merchandise company specializing in ethically sourced, sustainable promotional products. The B Corp provides custom-branded merchandise for like-minded companies to drive high-impact marketing campaigns and amplify company values. With an emphasis on transparency, Fairware partners with a wide range of B Corp suppliers and social impact brands to ensure promotional and branded merchandise reflects B Corp values. By pivoting their spending to more sustainable products, Fairware clients can drive change in global supply chains to reward manufacturers committed to worker rights, product safety, diversity and inclusion, and sustainable materials.

Fine Tune


Fine Tune manages client expense programs in some of the most complex indirect categories, including uniform rental, waste and recycling, security and guard services, sanitation, and pest control. While its ultimate goal is achieving cost savings and program optimization for clients — including dozens of Fortune 1000 firms — Fine Tune has recognized that its areas of expertise include industries at the heart of some of the planet’s grandest sustainability challenges. As a result, Fine Tune is well-positioned to guide client business strategies in a way that affects grand-scale steps in the direction of more sustainable behaviors.

Flock Freight


As a tech company with a mission to eliminate waste and inefficiency from the supply chain, Flock Freight® provides shippers with a seamless, sustainable way to move their freight. Its proprietary technology also enables shared truckload (STL), a mode that pools shipments from multiple businesses into a multi-stop truckload, helping shippers avoid wasteful and inefficient freight shipping options and enhance their environmental impact. Flock Freight goes a step further by offsetting the carbon emissions of all freight booked through the company’s shared truckload solution, FlockDirect™, at no extra cost to shippers.

Geek Girl Tech


Geek Girl Tech is a cybersecurity company on a mission to protect and economically empower others by helping companies protect their systems and stakeholders while creating job opportunities for women and other underrepresented people in tech and cybersecurity. With the belief that responsible businesses must do everything they can to protect the sensitive data of their employees and clients, Geek Girl Tech makes security easy and accessible for small businesses through online communities and partner networks. Driven by a mission to keep data safe, the cybersecurity company takes pride in its quality IT support.

Gifts for Good


As the company name suggests, Gifts for Good vendors are nonprofits or social enterprises that operate to benefit others. The corporate gifting company’s fulfillment center and print shop is part of Goodwill of Southern California, which provides jobs to those with traditional employment barriers. Gifts for Good uses a hybrid model that incorporates dropshipping to reduce the number of required shipments. The B Corp also uses software called Giftforward that reduces the waste of corporate gifts by allowing people to select a gift they will use or forward it to a cause of their choice.

A New Way of Doing Business

To help business leaders navigate the journey to adopt benefit corporation status as a requirement of B Corp Certification, B Lab U.S. & Canada provides this resource, the Board Playbook, to lay out the process and demystify the risks.


Hemmings House


Hemmings House uses film and animation services to bring brand values to life, and to inspire positive change within the organization and with their external stakeholders. The B Corp is always looking to strengthen the diversity of its supply chain, which is mostly in the creative labour force. To help shift the culture in the film industry, Hemmings House also demonstrates its B Corp values to its freelancer community. Positive impact film storytelling is a powerful way for brands to accelerate movements of change that are relevant to their stakeholders, and Hemmings House helps companies produce films that convey the change they want to see in the world.

Imperfect Foods


Imperfect Foods is an online grocer committed to producing positive benefits for people and the planet by saving food from waste. Through its network of more than 900 farmers and producers who share its commitment to quality, Imperfect Foods rescues ugly, surplus, and sustainably sourced food. Imperfect Foods works with other mission-aligned brands — including several B Corps — endeavoring to improve the food system. By partnering with companies to offer its service as a benefit to their employees, Imperfect Foods amplifies its impact. An average order saves 6 to 8 pounds of food from lesser outcomes and avoids 14 gallons of water use and 4 tons of CO2e emissions.



Matchable is an award-winning B2B platform that connects companies and their employees with innovative skilled volunteering projects at nonprofits and impact startups. Their platform allows employees to find preferred volunteering projects based on their skills, interests, causes they care about, and time available. Through Matchable, companies can bring to life their values, tangibly give their employees purpose, and embed doing good into their day to day. All projects are measured in terms of value delivered and impact, and align with the UN SDGs, and Matchable works remotely with clients around the world.

McCabe Promotional Advertising


With a focus on providing responsible branded merchandising solutions, McCabe Promotional aims to demonstrate that thoughtful marketing campaigns are not only sustainable but a more impactful and engaging way for brands to tell their story. Its Impact Collection features a selection of environmentally and socially responsible brandable merchandise that meets sustainability levels for resources, manufacturing process, and life cycle. By encouraging and educating clients on the attributes and possible uses of these kinds of promotional marketing initiatives, McCabe and their customers can prioritize sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Next Day Animations (Simplicity Works LLC)


Next Day Animations operates with a mission to help organizations and brands communicate complex ideas quickly in a way that’s engaging and fun. Wellness of people is a priority at Next Day Animations, which has a policy that outlines its commitment to caring and respectful relationships with contractors through fair play and a trusting work environment. Next Day Animations also offers discounts to nonprofits and other mission-aligned businesses to increase the accessibility of its easy-to-share-and-send videos.

Quest Impact Design Studio


Quest Impact Design Studio works solely with purpose-driven companies around the globe to help them measure, communicate, and maximize their impact through strategy consulting and design services. Its collaborative digital, branding, and business design services are built to help companies grow and expand their impact mission to the correct audiences. Quest does an impact evaluation of potential projects and declines those that do not align with its standards. The B Corp also is shifting to work with only impact-driven freelancers and partners by changing the terms of its supplier code of conduct.



Sendle is the first shipping carrier specifically designed to serve the needs of small businesses in the e-commerce space. By offering affordable, national flat-rate shipping with no hidden fees, subscriptions, or required warehousing, Sendle levels the playing field for small businesses. Sendle aims to help clients and partner companies thrive and compete on their terms while providing 100% carbon neutral shipping. To enhance network utilization, Sendle taps existing shipping providers and fills their unused shipping capacity.

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