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Certified B Corporations™ are businesses that do more than make a profit.  B Corpsprioritize people and our planet in everything they do.

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    The Principles for Partnership with Frontline and Impacted Communities

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  • Certification Resources

    Help Shape the Future of B Corp Certification | Share Your Feedback

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  • Stakeholder Economy

    ESG and B Corps: Speaking Up for Business as a Force for Good

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  • Climate Action

    Co-Creating Climate Justice Through Stakeholder Collaboration

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A Resilient Future

Business that Centers People and Planet

Change is possible, and it starts with a solid commitment. Learn more about B Lab U.S. & Canada

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Over 2,000 B Corps in the U.S. & Canada

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Whether multinational, small, or somewhere in between, all B Corps share a common mission: use business as a force for good. And they pass the test to prove it. 

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