Aisha Adams Media

Aisha Adams, founder of Aisha Adams Media

Aisha Adams is an influencer with a heart for community economic development who champions social change advocates, thought leaders, and courageous disruptors. She is founder and CEO of the Aisha Adams Media LLC and partner organization Equity Over Everything, which advances equity by closing gaps in entrepreneurship and homeownership in low-resource communities.

Aisha’s other ventures include The Asheville View, a daytime-style talk show that addresses hot button issues in Asheville; Nappy Thoughts, a personal blog followed by thousands of people on social media; and The Entrepreneurial Accelerator, a business bootcamp that ties fledgling businesses to community resources. Aisha earned her bachelor’s degree in English from University of Alabama at Birmingham, and her Master of Science degree in Adult Education from Capella University. Aisha is widely recognized for contributions towards cultivating spaces of diversity, equity inclusion and for her impact in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. She’s received The Tzedeck Brilliance Award, The Martin Luther King Award, WomanUP Women Entrepreneur Best in Business Award and the Mountain BizWorks Jane Renfroe award.