Cara MacMillan

Dr. Cara MacMillan is a Mom, David’s life partner, and Co-Founder of Halcyon Consulting Group. Cara has been involved with the B Corps movement since 2015. She believes that companies can be both the best in the world and the best for the world. Cara and her team excel in strategic, sustainable business model innovation. She loves working with industry disruptors to improve their auditable ESG processes to manage material risk. Cara has worked with many firms as they have journeyed from pre-B Corps Certification to Best for the World.

In her role as Academic Chair of B Local Texas and loves to integrate B Corps material risk management into curriculum for our future and to work with firms who leverage their business model for international growth.

Cara spends her spare time hiking with David and their 60lb Australian labradoodle, Farley Mowat.


Ottawa, Ontario Canada

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