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Becoming a B Consultant

This in-depth, online training program equips individuals with the skills and resources needed to support businesses along their B Corp certification journey. 


Why Become a B Consultant?

If you are a consultant or individual looking to work with businesses to improve their social and environmental impact, the B Consultants program will provide the skills you need to navigate the B Impact Assessment, B Corp standards, and the B Corp Certification process. This program will help you:

  • Signal your credibility
  • Deepen your expertise
  • Offer networking and resource-sharing opportunities between B Consultants across the U.S. & Canadian market

Program at a Glance

The B Consultants program is for consultants and individuals in the U.S. & Canada region who are providing services to businesses that are interested in using business as a force for good.

B Consultants do not need to work for a B Corp, but a familiarity with the B Impact Assessment and the B Corp moment is beneficial.

During the training, participants will learn deep, market-specific insight into:

  • Accountability
  • Performance
  • Transparency
  • Navigating the B Impact Assessment for various-sized companies
  • Understanding standards
  • What to expect when your clients are ready to submit
  • How to help your clients embed B Corp and find the most value in their Certification
  • Best consultant practices from experts in this work
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A Closer Look at the B Consultants Program

You may be wondering what your time commitment to the program will be. Each consultant is required to complete 1—1.5 hours of weekly self-paced online modules, an optional 1-hour bi-weekly Q&A session, and a final 2.5—3 hour virtual workshop.

Before the program starts, please take some time to familiarize yourself with B Corps and the B Corp movement. Take a look at this short introductory video that should only take three minutes of your time!

Complete the Online Learning

Using the online platform, Thinkific, participants will undertake five weeks of learning on their own time. Each week requires approximately 1—1.5 hours of online training, complemented by bi-weekly optional Q&A sessions. The content includes:

  1. Inside the Global B Corp movement
  2. Using the B Impact Assessment (BIA) to dive business improvements
  3. Understanding impact business models (IBMs);
  4. Understanding and selecting the appropriate track selection; and
  5. Marketing and delivering services using the B Impact Assessment and B Corp Certification.

Attend the Workshop

In the final week of the program, participants attend a 2.5—3 hour interactive workshop featuring case studies, a panel discussion and more.

Sit for the Exam

At the end of the workshop, participants will sit for the timed exam. Each participant will have up to two opportunities to take and pass the exam.

  1. Subscribe to the weekly B the Change newsletter;
  2. Join your area’s B Local;
  3. Post about your new credentials using your new social media toolkit;
  4. Complete your continuing professional development requirements; and
  5. Pay your annual credentialing maintenance fee

Program Cost

If you work for a B Corp: $1200
If you don't work for a B Corp: $2200
If you work for a non profit or university: $600

Have More Questions?

Enrollment is currently closed, but we encourage you to explore our FAQs page and email us a bconsultants@usca.bcorporation.net with any questions you may have!

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