26 Companies Creating Conscious and Scrumptious Foods

September 27, 2021

B Corps in U.S. and Canada Offer Sustainable, Socially Aware Food Options

Innovative brands across the U.S. and Canada are pursuing food businesses that address social needs — from how they hire to who they source from to the foods they create — and advancing a climate-aware business model, including through local, regional, and regenerative agriculture. The 26 Certified B Corporations highlighted here are using their products to reshape our food system, pursue a social justice mission, and address the climate crisis — and, of course, craft unique, delicious foods.

Alter Eco

United States

Alter Eco is a chocolate-centric food company that helps mitigate climate change through regenerative agriculture and carbon sequestration. A registered benefit corporation listed as one of San Francisco’s “Best & Brightest” places to work in 2019, Alter Eco is dedicated to pioneering a better way of doing business. The company practices a full-circle approach to sustainability in its operations and supply chain through four pillars: sourcing with Fair Trade principles, producing only organic and non-GMO foods with regenerative farming practices, creating minimal waste by working toward 100% compostable packaging, and insetting carbon emissions through large-scale reforestation or conservation programs in the cooperatives that produce its crops.

Amy’s Kitchen

United States

Amy’s Kitchen is a family-owned, independent organic food company and B Corp with a purpose to make it easy and enjoyable for everyone to eat well. The company is committed to cooking convenient, great-tasting food with quality organic ingredients. Today, Amy’s is the No. 1 natural/organic brand across key categories in U.S. retailers. The company offers a variety of organic frozen and packaged foods that include gluten free, vegan/plant-based, dairy free, and other options.

Ben & Jerry’s

United States

Ben & Jerry’s produces a variety of super-premium ice cream and ice cream novelties, using high-quality ingredients including milk and cream from family farmers who do not treat their cows with the synthetic hormone rBGH. Ben & Jerry’s overall mission is to make the best product, be economically sustainable, and create positive social change — specifically, to advance new models of economic justice that are sustainable and replicable. Ben & Jerry’s has a progressive, nonpartisan social mission that seeks to meet human needs and eliminate injustices in our local, national, and international communities. 

Butcher Box

United States

Founded in 2015, ButcherBox began with a simple mission to make high-quality meat more accessible to all. The company soon discovered that meant more than delivering 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef, free-range organic chicken, pork raised crate-free, and sustainably sourced seafood — it meant rethinking the U.S. food system. ButcherBox is in pursuit of better business focused on ensuring animal welfare, supporting farmers, treating the planet with respect, and upholding diversity, equity, and inclusion across its business.

ButcherBox partners with suppliers who raise animals and harvest seafood with safety, sustainability, natural tendencies, and comfort in mind.

Cabot Creamery

United States

Cabot Creamery, founded in 1919, has its roots in Cabot, Vermont. The company’s 1,200 family farm owners throughout New England and upstate New York raise their herds to produce quality milk, advancing public agriculture policy and driving sustainable innovations to benefit the land, improve animal care, and enrich communities on behalf of their families and consumers. Cabot Creamery celebrates a nearly century-old commitment to returning 100% of profits to its family farm owners who provide fair wage employment to hundreds, sustain open working landscapes, and safeguard their heritage.

Clover Sonoma

United States

For more than 100 years, Clover has supported ideas that promote a healthy, conscious, sustainable way of life forward for their family of farms, animals, and communities. Clover is a third-generation family-owned dairy company whose core pillars are quality, support of animal welfare, sustainable business practices, and giving back to the communities they reach. Clover was the first U.S. dairy to become American Humane Certified and holds its partnership of family-owned farms to a higher standard with its Clover Promise of Excellence program. Clover brings rBST-free dairy products direct from farms to consumers.

CORE Foods

United States

CORE Foods is on a mission to cultivate a healthier planet by empowering people with nourishing food and honest resources. Its 100% organic on-the-go food is made in Oakland, California, and distributed nationwide. The B Corp promotes a foundation of whole-food eating, and its innovative stewardship model means impact is the most important bottom line. CORE Foods measures success based on pounds of organic food enjoyed, money spent within the community, and environmental impact.

Dang Foods

United States

Dang is a better-for-you snack company bringing unprecedented culinary delights from around the globe. As a leading coconut chip brand, Dang is committed to using high-quality ingredients that are sustainably grown and harvested. Its mission is to offer innovative food products that taste dang good while promoting health, happiness, and community. The B Corp does this by developing unprecedented and minimally processed food products, consistently delivering these products, and implementing socially and environmentally beneficial programs.

SDG Action Manager

To support businesses pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), B Lab and the United Nations Global Compact along with content advisors developed the SDG Action Manager. This impact management solution enables businesses worldwide to set goals, track progress, and stay motivated on their actions toward the SDGs.

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Drizzle Honey


Drizzle Honey is adding excitement to an age-old industry with first-to-market raw and superfood honey flavors, bee-friendly sustainability initiatives, and trending branding and social media. With a mission to change the way the world uses honey, the B Corp continues to be a leader in innovative, sustainable, and health-conscious honey products. Drizzle Honey is proud to be a women-owned and women-run enterprise.



Fatso uses the cost-effective peanut and a blend of almonds and seeds as a base that is enriched with good, plant-based fats and fibre-focused ingredients without palm oil or sugar. The B Corp aims to provide more nutrition, benefits, and flavour, spoon-for-spoon, at a cost that is lower or competitive with high-priced specialty nut butters. Fatso also ensures that a portion of its product goes to underserved communities in Canada and the U.S. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Fatso donated more than $200,000 worth of product to food banks, communities, and organizations that had difficulty staying food secure or required funds to push forward their mission.


United States

Fishpeople is changing the way people eat seafood by creating hassle-free, restaurant-quality seafood meals made with sustainably sourced Pacific Northwest and farm-to-table ingredients. With a mission to support local coastal communities, promote U.S. jobs, and protect ocean habitats, Fishpeople is a B Corp committed to relentless transparency.


United States

Since its humble beginnings in 2009 at farmers markets in Austin, Texas, GoodPops’ frozen pops have been made with the best non-GMO, Fair Trade Certified, rBST-free, organic and locally sourced ingredients. Goodpops created #PledgeGood to make the world a brighter place, with more generosity, kind gestures, and good deeds around every corner. The company donates $1 to charity for every person who pledges to do something good.

Good Food for Good


Good Food for Good is an organic food company committed to making it easy for you to eat healthy while helping someone in need. The B Corp’s food is made using organic ingredients and is free from allergens, refined sugar, and preservatives. Every time you buy Good Food for Good products, the company donates money to feed someone in need. The company’s offerings include ketchups, barbecue sauces, fresh cooking sauces, and turmeric teas. 

Greyston Bakery

United States

Since Greyston Bakery opened in 1982, it has been creating opportunities in its community by offering jobs — no questions asked — to anyone who needs one through its Open Hiring practice. As pioneers of the Open Hiring movement, Greyston is building a world where individuals are defined by their potential, not by their circumstances. When you buy Greyston brownies, you join millions of others in this mission. Proceeds benefit community programs at the company’s nonprofit, which provides workforce development training, community gardens, and housing. Each bite of brownie contributes to a brighter future for Greyston’s bakers and a more equitable and inclusive world for all.

Happy Family Organics

United States

Happy Family Organics has been on a mission to change the trajectory of children’s health through nutrition since the company launched on Mother’s Day in 2006. From day one, Happy Family provides organic nutrition and support for your baby’s feeding journey, whether that’s breast or formula feeding, all the way through starting solids and picky eating. The company thoughtfully crafts organic meals and snacks to help support a lifetime of wellness. As champions of organic, every product in the Happy Family Organics line is Certified USDA Organic. From WIC-authorized Clearly Crafted™ Jars to a free online live chat with lactation specialists and registered dietitians, Happy Family puts babies and parents first, and provides support for every family.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

United States

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is a modern American ice cream company devoted to making the finest ice creams in the world. Founded in 2002 in Columbus, Ohio, by James Beard Award-winning ice cream maker Jeni Britton Bauer, Jeni’s makes one-of-a-kind flavors in partnership with the growers, makers, and producers who supply them with ingredients — from family-run dairies to farmers who grow fields of berries just for the B Corp’s ice cream. 

King Arthur Baking 

United States

King Arthur Baking is America’s oldest flour company and premier baking resource, offering ingredients, mixes, tools, recipes, educational opportunities, and inspiration to bakers since 1790. King Arthur is an employee-owned company, each one a baker at heart. Its mission is to be the ultimate resource and inspiration in the kitchen, to inspire connections and community through baking, and to use business as a force for good.



At Lulubelle, the company believes that in order to have a good product, you need good ingredients. And yet the mixes you find on the market are filled with mystery ingredients that are impossible to pronounce, and they lack that homemade taste. So, Lulubelle created a line of organic, gluten-free bread, pastry mixes, and food coloring as a wholesome and organic option for at-home baking.

Miyoko’s Creamery

United States

From its humble beginnings with four employees in Miyoko’s home kitchen to a 30,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Sonoma, this B Corp is leading the way in transforming the future of the creamery with its plant-based dairy products line. Its products can be found in thousands of stores across the country and its “cheese” wheels are on the road to global distribution in the near future. 

The Future of Work Is Now

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United States

In 2004, the family that launched NadaMoo! started making small batches of coconut-milk ice cream for dairy-free friends and family in Austin, Texas. Pretty soon, word got around how creamy it was, and before they knew it strangers were showing up on their doorstep with spoons! That’s how NadaMoo —  a made-up word that means “no dairy” — began. It’s fun to say and even more fun to eat.

Once Upon a Farm

United States

Once Upon a Farm was built on a dream of co-founders John Foraker, Jennifer Garner, Cassandra Curtis, and Ari Raz to craft better, nutritious foods for little ones. Using the magic of high-pressure pasteurization to lock in the nutrients and flavors of farm-fresh ingredients, they pioneered the first cold-pressed, organic fruit and veggie blends for babies. Today, Once Upon a Farm is on a greater mission to provide organic, crave-worthy, refrigerated snacks for children of all ages.

Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs

United States

Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs distributes eggs under the Pete and Gerry’s Organic, Nellie’s Free Range, and Carol’s brands. The company is a fourth-generation family farm located in the foothills of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. With a strong history of leadership in the egg industry, the B Corp has demonstrated for more than a decade that consumers demand and are willing to pay more for humanely and ethically produced eggs from small family farms. The company became America’s first Certified Humane egg producer in 2003, and in 2013 the first U.S. egg producer to achieve the B Corp Certification. Pete and Gerry’s completed its transition to 100% Certified Humane Free-Range production in 2014 and produces its Certified Humane Free-Range eggs on over 120 small family farms. 

Purely Elizabeth

United States

Purely Elizabeth focuses on granola and oatmeal made with certified gluten-free oats and organic ancient grains and superfood seeds. The B Corp is passionate about using the most superior, high-quality natural and organic ingredients loaded with health benefits and free of the bad stuff. Purely Elizabeth believes a healthy food system can be achieved through sustainability and transparency.

Sir Kensington’s

United States

With a mission to reimagine ordinary and overlooked foods with fearless integrity and charm, Sir Kensington’s has become an integral offering in progressive retailers and restaurants. Sir Kensington’s believes that condiments and dressings are food too. Each product is nutritionally conscious, Non-GMO Project Verified, and uses only Certified Humane free range eggs. Everything the B Corp does is built to deliver on its commitment to plate, people, and planet. Sir Kensington’s pledges 1% of net sales to charitable organizations working toward a more just food system, as well as 2% of its team’s time volunteering to support the local food system.

Stonyfield Organic

United States

As the leading organic yogurt maker and a groundbreaking company in sustainability, Stonyfield has been producing delicious, healthy food for more than 30 years. Yogurt is an amazing food. But Stonyfield yogurt is that and more. It’s a statement: Taking care of organic farmers, cows, and their life’s work will produce healthy food, healthy businesses, and a healthy planet.

Vermont Creamery

United States

Two young visionaries, Allison Hooper and Bob Reese, launched a business 35 years ago in Vermont that would introduce American diners to handcrafted goat cheese and later European-style cultured butter. Crafted in Vermont’s green mountains, Vermont Creamery’s line of fresh and aged goat cheeses, cultured butter, and crème fraîche have won hundreds of national and international awards. The B Corp now supports a network of more than 17 family farms, promoting sustainable agriculture in the region. 

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