Resources for Black, Indigenous and Other People of Color

This page is dedicated to uplifting Black, Indigenous, Asian-American/Pacific Islander and Latinx companies within the B Lab U.S. & Canada community, providing them with opportunities to enhance their experiences within the business world.  If you’d like to submit a resource to be considered for this page, please fill out our submission form.


A network fighting to create space for currently and formerly undocumented Black immigrants to not only survive but thrive.

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Sweet Livity

Sweet Livity™ focuses on improving the effectiveness and sustainability of leaders and organizations that serve the community, especially under-served and vulnerable populations.

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Communities United Against Police Brutality

a Twin-Cities based organization that was created to deal with police brutality on an ongoing basis.

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CTUL is a worker-led organization where workers organize, educate and empower each other to fight for a voice in their workplaces and in their communities.

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Black Visions

Black Visions believes in a future where all Black people have autonomy, safety is community-led, and we are in the right relationship within our ecosystems.

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The Dismantle Collective

The Dismantle Collective is an all person of color group whose goal is to name, disrupt, and dismantle white supremacy.

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BEAM Collective Wellness Tools

Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective

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Beverly Kyer

Beverly is a Speaker, Educator, Consultant, Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist and Author who has devoted 16 years to training Human Service Providers and Family Caregivers.

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How B Corps Are Fighting Racism

This document was compiled by the team at B Lab US & Canada for the Certified B Corp community.

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Roadmap Consulting

RoadMap is a people of color-led community of practice that exists in service to leaders, organizations, and movements.

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Organization Development for Social Change

By Zak Sinclair and Lisa Russ.

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Building Movement Project

The Building Movement Project (BMP) supports and pushes the nonprofit sector to tackle the most significant social issues of our times by developing research, creating tools and training materials, providing guidance, and facilitating networks for social change.

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About These Resources

Since 2020, businesses across the U.S., Canada, and worldwide have focused attention, time and resources on anti-racist education. B Lab U.S. & Canada has also been one of those organizations channeling energy to move towards a racially equitable economy and society.

At the same time, those most directly impacted by systemic racism deserve to be highlighted, uplifted and centered within this community.