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February 8, 2024

The second opportunity to share feedback on the latest draft of the standards for B Corp Certification has now launched! We need your help to understand if this latest draft is ambitious, clear, and attainable for your company whilst delivering the impact the world needs. Your feedback is mission-critical. You have until March 26, 2024 to provide feedback. Have your say!

Let us know if you have any questions/comments by joining the conversation on the B Hive.

Survey open: 16 January – 26 March

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Why we are changing the standards?

The evolution of the standards for B Corp Certification is baked into B Lab’s DNA; we have revised the standards six times in the 17 years since B Corp Certification began.

As the climate crisis intensifies and societal inequality grows, the need to bring about systemic change is clear. We must advance the standards for B Corp Certification to meet the magnitude of the challenge ahead.

The new standards will provide clarity for companies, galvanizing the most impactful business actions and focusing on what really matters, meaningfully demonstrating the leadership role that B Corps and the B Corp movement play in the world.

What’s Changing?

In the current version of the B Impact Assessment, businesses seeking certification have had to meet a stringent purpose and stakeholder governance requirement to incorporate the interests of all stakeholders in decision-making. 

Businesses have also had to complete a scored B Impact Assessment of their practices against five impact areas: governance, workers, community, the environment, and customers. This assessment is then reviewed by B Lab, verifying all supporting documentation, to arrive at an overall B Impact Score, which must be at least 80 points to achieve certification.

In response to community and stakeholder feedback, one major evolution in the new standards is that companies will need to meet specific requirements across a number of Impact Topics in order to certify as a B Corp, and this means a change to the scoring process.

As we move away from an 80 point threshold in the current standards, B Corps will need to meet specific performance requirements across a wider range of social, environmental, and governance impact topics. 

Survey open: 

16 January – 26 March

The timeline for when the new standards will be finalized will be ready in March 2024. 

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