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Rally Assets (Rally) is an impact investment management and advisory firm. The firm helps investors generate positive social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. Rally creates specialized solutions for corporate and institutional investors, foundations, family offices and individual accredited investors. Since its start in 2010 as Purpose Capital, it has been a trusted leader in the sector. Rally is a Portfolio Manager and Exempt Market Dealer registered in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec with the respective provincial securities commissions.

For more, please visit our website and read our Statement on Justice.


The desire for equity and justice is the central motivation for the team at Rally Assets and the work the company does. In addition to internal activities, formal external commitments towards justice include:

  • The Black North Initiative is a commitment to specific operational changes to make workplaces more diverse and inclusive in order to help end anti-Black systemic racism. As a signatory to that initiative, we are working to meet several commitments and targets.
  • The Canadian Statement on Diversity and Inclusion is a commitment by institutional investors to take intentional steps to promote diversity and inclusion across their portfolios and within their organizations. As a signatory to that initiative, we have operationalized several inclusion-supporting steps.
  • Due Diligence 2.0, a commitment to make specific shifts in the due diligence process in order to catalyze the movement of capital to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color managers, as a contribution reducing system racial inequalities.

Upkar Arora, CEO of Rally Assets

Upkar Arora brings his life long commitment to improving the lives of people to his role as CEO and majority owner of Rally Assets as well as 30+ years of business experience acquiring, operating, financing and building companies of all sizes, at different stages, in different sectors and countries.

His ideals of justice, equity and inclusion infuse all his roles — as a business leader, volunteer, philanthropist, or advocate for social change. He has served on the boards of organizations committed to delivering better outcomes in the health, education, financial services, transportation, and arts sectors as well as advocating for the rights of immigrants and citizens.

Upkar has been awarded the accounting profession’s highest distinction for his professional accomplishments and community service, is a BMW Foundation Global Responsible Leader and an adjunct lecturer at the University of Waterloo.