B Corp Certification Submission Fee FAQ

We currently face growing global interest in the B Corp movement and record submissions for B Corp Certification. Many companies submit without fully appreciating the rigor of the B Impact Assessment, the commitment necessary for the Review Process and/or the basic Certification requirements. This increased volume results in a significant backlog that companies have been experiencing for some time. In addition about 1 in 3 companies who submit will actually go on to achieve B Corp Certification.

We are implementing this fee to ensure companies are committed and prepared to go through the Review Process . We can’t wait for you to join the B Corp community when you’re ready – this journey takes effort and time and we truly believe it is well worth it!

If you plan to apply for an equity discount and this fee creates a significant barrier, please email Certify@bcorporation.net.

The submission fee does not apply to re-certification of existing B Corps.

Once the fee is paid you will proceed to the Evaluation Queue, which is the stage before Evaluation. In 2020, B Lab experienced a record increase in submissions for Certification globally, where demand for Certification is exceeding the capacity of our global assessment team to review companies.  As a result, it can take up to 8 months to move through Evaluation.

A company pays the submission fee directly via the B Impact Assessment using a credit card or PayPal. (Log in to the B Impact Assessment, click Review on the left menu, and navigate to the Submission Fee task).

While annual Certification fees for Canadian companies are charged in Canadian dollars (1:1 conversion), the submission fee is charged in USD only. Canadian companies can pay the converted amount (fx rate calculated at the time of payment)  in Canadian dollars.