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Sudara is a hybrid nonprofit organization and Certified B Corporation that offers a beautiful line of pajamas and loungewear crafted by brave women in India who are survivors or at risk of sex slavery. We provide pathways to freedom by offering skills training and job opportunities so women can support themselves with a fair living wage.

Each year, millions of women and children are trafficked into sexual exploitation around the world, with India claiming the most victims. The majority of women become enslaved in one of three ways: they were sold into it, born into it, or they had no other options for survival.

Our operations and partner-based ecosystem focus on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — specifically goals one, four, five, eight, and 10 — fueling a virtuous supply chain with a mission to eradicate sex slavery. We reinvest revenue generated from sales in training programs and sustainable, dignified employment opportunities for more women to avoid or escape the sex trade.

We train more than 1,200 women per year across 11 vocations with a 90% job placement rate with our mission-aligned partners. It is our experience that jobs, not handouts, create systemic multi-generational change and elevate entire communities.