7 Zero-Waste Swaps from B Corps: An Earth Month Guide

April 13, 2021

B Corp Products to Help You Live a Low-Waste Lifestyle

More companies are creating products that are made from otherwise waste material or packaged in a way that creates no waste to help all of us find products that align with the goal of lowering our environmental footprint. When companies take on the challenge of making their products and services zero-waste and environmentally friendly, it makes it easier for us to make purchasing decisions we can feel great about. And while we certainly won’t “buy our way out” of the climate crisis, we can still align our pocketbooks with our values to make a difference with our own choices.

The Certified B Corporations in this guide make it simpler to live a low-waste lifestyle and divert waste from landfills. Here are seven great zero-waste options from B Corps.

Coffee Logs

By bio-bean Limited

As the world’s largest recycler of coffee grounds, bio-bean transforms the remnants of morning brew into efficient, sustainable products for a range of markets — both consumer and industrial. The UK-based B Corp’s offerings include these Coffee Logs, compact fire logs made from recycled waste coffee grounds, that are perfect for burning in domestic wood burners and multi-fuel stoves.

Earth Water

By The Earth Group

Swap out your plastic water bottles for this eco-friendly alternative: water in reusable, fully recyclable aluminum. Aluminum cans contain on average 70% recycled content, more than three times the amount in a glass or plastic bottle. Additionally, aluminum cans have a higher recycling rate than plastic and glass, and are lightweight, stackable, and strong, allowing The Earth Group to package and transport more beverages using less material. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, The Earth Group is one of the only companies in Canada offering water in resealable aluminum packaging.

Fetzer Chardonnay, California

By Fetzer Vineyards

Opt for a sustainable wine for your spring picnics from a winery that reuses or recycles more than 98% of its waste. This Chardonnay charms with ripe pear and apple flavors, delivering a hint of toast in its fresh California style. Based in Mendocino, California, Fetzer sets goals for environmental performance improvement and employs regenerative practices. Through partnerships with other B Corps, Fetzer looks to inspire more good in the world.

Lucky Iron Fish

By Lucky Iron Fish

This eco-friendly fish is a reusable, effective source of natural iron that’s safe for the whole family and eliminates the need for individual iron supplement pills. The B Corp cooking tool also creates social good, with a portion of every sale used to give back to families around the world. Because iron deficiency disproportionately affects people living in poverty, Lucky Iron Fish works with charities, NGOs, and companies to provide an innovative and proven solution for community-based iron deficiency.

Oneka Hand Sanitizer

By Oneka

Shield your hands from germs naturally with this hand sanitizer by Oneka. This product uses a blend of 70% organic alcohol with moisturizing aloe vera leaf juice, delicately infused with botanical plant extracts and essential oils. This hand sanitizer comes in a variety of sizes, making it easy to refill your travel-size bottle and reduce waste. Oneka bases its farm design and business model on permaculture principles and a full-circle approach to ecological land planning. Rather than causing damage or polluting, Oneka products and practices work with the elements of nature.

Shampoo Bar

By The Unscented Company

Gentle care for your hair made from 100% plant and mineral-based ingredients is in, and single-use plastic packaging is out. Make a difference in the world and in your daily routine with this high-quality, water-free shampoo bar, designed to provide more than 50 washes and avoid any plastic bottles. Other products from The Unscented Company allow customers to refill bottles at home or in-store and reduce their environmental footprint.

Spruce Starter Kit Duo

By Spruce

Looking to ditch single-use plastics? This refillable starter kit duo from Spruce will turn your home into a low-plastic and low-waste zone. It features multipurpose and bathroom starter kits with a refillable bottle and cleaner refill for each purpose. Spruce’s goal is to put an end to single-use plastics and toxic chemicals from everyday products. This London-based B Corp’s products are low-waste, vegan and cruelty free.

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