21 U.S. and Canada B Corps with Home Goods and Self-Care Products That Advance a Holistic View of Health for People and Planet

October 4, 2021

Innovative Businesses Create Products and Practices with Social and Environmental Benefit

The products we use to keep ourselves and our homes clean and healthy become a part of our lives — and the Certified B Corporations in the United States and Canada that create some of our go-to’s realize the level of trust involved in our purchase. That’s why they commit to using safe and sustainable ingredients in their home goods and self-care products that don’t harm our bodies or the Earth.

The U.S. and Canada B Corps on this list also show a commitment to community by working with organizations that advocate for or advance aligned social and environmental causes. With a focus on innovative home goods and self-care products — as well as sustainable practices, packaging, and policies — these businesses are creating a healthier future for their communities, customers, workers, and the environment.

Ace of Air

United States

With a mission to put an end to packaging waste and inspire other companies to do the same, Ace of Air designed a “Buy the Product, Borrow the Package” circular model. The beauty and wellness B Corp creates vegan, cruelty free products that are sustainably sourced. All products come in zero waste refilled containers delivered by carbon neutral ground shipping.



Aisle (formerly Lunapads) is a manufacturer and retailer of eco-friendly menstrual care products for all bodies and all genders. Using innovative, planet-friendly materials, Aisle creates sustainable, high-performance products. Through its social outreach, Aisle has helped supply hundreds of thousands of reusable pads and period underwear to more than 17,000 menstruating people in 18 nations.

All Good

United States

With a business model built on environmental, social, and economic health, All Good offers personal care products that incorporate organic ingredients and herbs. The B Corp partners with organizations whose missions demonstrate these ongoing commitments and sponsors athletes that dedicate themselves to fighting non-violently for environmental and social causes. Its products include body- and reef-friendly sunscreen that reflect the company’s commitment to protecting marine life and coral reefs.

Babo Botanicals

United States

Founded on the principles of delivering smart skin and hair care solutions, Babo Botanicals crafts products with natural, botanical performance-based ingredients for children and adults. The B Corp has a commitment to urban farming and educating children on gardening and nutrition, and works with the Environmental Working Group as one of the founding brands that started the Sun Safety Coalition in 2014.


United States

Beautycounter develops and distributes more than 160 skin care, color cosmetics, and personal care products sold at retail and through more than 40,000 consultants. The B Corp also advocates for policy change to ensure safer skin care and cleaner cosmetics, driving a national movement for improved transparency and accountability in the beauty industry. Beautycounter advocates for human rights and climate justice while minimizing the environmental impacts of its products, packaging, and footprint.


United States

Founded with a mission to reduce use of plastic, Blueland creates innovative products in reusable packaging. Customers receive an initial set of cleaning products — soaps, sprays, detergents, and more — in reusable packaging and then can order refills. The B Corp audits the water and energy consumption at factories to ensure efficiency and minimize waste, and provides carbon-neutral shipping through offsets.

Stakeholder Capitalism: The Systemic Change Our Economy Needs

A new impact economy is being built, one where businesses prioritize and consider their impact on all the stakeholders they impact — including communities, workers, customers, and the environment. Download this free report to learn how the stakeholder model as practiced by B Corps is gaining global traction and validation.


Davines North America

United States

With hair care products that are favorites in salons, Davines also leads in environmental advocacy through its commitment as a carbon neutral company and pursuit of net zero emissions by 2030. After gaining B Corp Certification in 2016, Davines aligned its objectives with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to deepen its commitment to social and environmental benefit.

Dr. Bronner’s

United States

As a family-owned business, Dr. Bronner’s has a longtime commitment to social and environmental change. The B Corp is the top-selling brand of organic and fair trade body care products in the U.S. and an advocate for worker rights — at its U.S. headquarters and for the farm suppliers it partners with around the world. Its product line has expanded from the signature pure liquid castile soap to include lotions and balms, toothpaste, and home and laundry goods.

Grove Collaborative

United States

Grove Collaborative has built an online resource for thousands of loyal customers looking for sustainably created soap, skin care, pet food, and other household products. The B Corp works with partner businesses that value safety, transparency, sustainability, and social welfare and meet standards as manufacturers, employers, and environmental stewards. As the first plastic-neutral retailer, Grove Collaborative has a goal to be plastic-free by 2025.

Meliora Cleaning Products

United States

Meliora Cleaning Products has aimed for transparency since its start, providing an ingredient list on its people- and planet-friendly home cleaning and laundry products. The B Corp has advocated for cleaning product Right-To-Know Acts, including a successful campaign that will require ingredient listings on cleaning products in California. Through partnerships with 1% For the Planet and Women’s Voices for the Earth, Meliora commits 2% of annual revenues to environmental and charitable nonprofits.



By incorporating extracts from plants grown on the company’s family farm, Oneka creates hair and body care products free of sulfates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. The B Corp aims to have a positive impact on people’s health and water ecosystems and encourages customers to reduce plastic waste by buying in bulk or using refills. Ohne:ka means “water” in the Mohawk native language, a reflection of the company’s goal to manufacture natural personal care products while being conscious of water.

Plaine Products

United States

Launched with a goal to avoid the use of plastics, Plaine Products provides vegan, toxin-free personal care products in aluminum bottles that are returnable, refillable, and reusable. Through its work with a local packaging company, the B Corp now ships products in durable boxes that can be reused an average of five times before recycling. To amplify its impact, Plaine Products partners with nonprofits that also are focused on reducing plastic waste.


United States

Through sustainable materials, recycling systems, and performance-driven design, Preserve creates eco-friendly household products — toothbrushes, tableware, razors, and more. The B Corp focuses on mitigating environmental impact by producing products that require lower carbon emissions, lead to less consumption and waste, and protect the oceans. Preserve serves as an industry leader by creating an ethos of reuse, recycling, and composting in a sector that is responsible for more than 25% of total U.S. emissions.

Rebel Green

United States

As a women-owned brand of green household cleaning products, Rebel Green also produces the first carbon neutral, tree-free line of bamboo toilet paper and paper towels. The B Corp distributes its products — free from synthetic fragrances, sulfates and other chemicals found in conventional household cleaners — to natural food stores, supermarkets, specialty markets, and online retailers across the United States. A percentage of Rebel Green sales go to clean air, water, and food initiatives aimed at empowering women, children and families.

Seventh Generation

United States

Seventh Generation markets household and personal care products designed to protect our planet and our health, and ensure an equitable and healthy planet for the next seven generations. Its Supplier Code of Conduct includes social and environmental standards that collaborating companies must meet or pursue with an emphasis on respect for people and the environment as well as practices that are ethical, transparent, and responsible.


United States

With every purchase of its hand, hair, or bath and body care products, Soapbox donates a bar of soap to community nonprofit partners who care about sustainable impact. Each Soapbox product carries a unique Hope Code that consumers can enter online to find the specific project their purchase benefited — and how their act of giving can contribute to a larger mission and impact.

Stubble + ’Stache

United States

A belief in transparency “from soil to skin” guides Stubble + ’Stache as it creates skin care, beard care, and wellness products while tracing ingredients back to the source and assessing the social and environmental impacts. With a commitment to donate 20% of net profits to organizations advancing mental health and environmental causes, Stubble + ’Stache lives its commitment to community.

Shea Moisture (Sundial Brands)

United States

Shea Moisture offers natural, sustainable products that incorporate raw shea butter handcrafted by women in Africa. Every purchase supports the company’s mission to reinvest in communities as it promotes fair trade at home and abroad. Shea Moisture’s educational and entrepreneurial programs are designed to create an inclusive and thriving society from the United States to Africa, and proceeds of sales have helped fund education, health care, safety and fair wage programs.

Tom’s of Maine

United States

With products — including toothpaste, deodorant, soap, and antiperspirant — made from naturally sourced and derived ingredients, Tom’s of Maine continues its original mission to care for people and planet. The B Corp supports nonprofits by giving back 10% of its profits, and workers are encouraged to use 5% of their paid time to volunteer for causes they are passionate about. All Tom’s of Maine packaging is recyclable through a partnership with upcycling leader TerraCycle or participating municipalities.

The Unscented Company


With unscented home and body care products, The Unscented Company aims to redefine the notion of clean. Thanks to packaging designed for conscious living, customers can refill their bottles at home or in-store. The B Corp supports the local economy by partnering with local suppliers.

W.S. Badger Co.

United States

From its lip and body balms to reef-friendly mineral sunscreens, hair oils, and bug repellents, Badger makes certified organic and natural products designed to heal the community at large, economy, and planet. As a family-owned B Corp, Badger pursues its mission to operate a business with a focus beyond profit and a vision to create a healthier world. Its products are made and packaged at the company’s solar-powered manufacturing facility in New Hampshire.

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