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December 10, 2020

13 Gift Ideas from Canadian-Founded B Corps

This holiday season shop for your friends and family from these amazing Canadian-based B Corps. Not only does this list highlight some wonderful B Corps, we’ve also indicated which are small businesses, and/or womxn-owned, which focus on best worker practices, have committed to NetZero by 2030, and operate with a giving model.

Aisle Boxer Brief

Aisle Boxer Brief

By Aisle

Price: $48.00 (CAD & USD)

Aisle believes “the period aisle should be stocked with safe, effective products that work well, feel great and do good for our environment.” The Aisle Boxer gives love through the gift of comfortable, gender-affirming period undies that are perfect for Netflix binges on day two of your period.

Perfectly Imperfect Refillable Bamboo Makeup Palette

Perfectly Imperfect Refillable Bamboo Makeup Palette

By Elate Cosmetics

Price: $16.50 (CAD & USD)

While these palettes have minor cosmetic imperfections, they are usable and offer a low-price, low-waste alternative. With sustainability at the forefront, Elate encourages customers to reduce their environmental impact with small, everyday changes as part of its goal to become the first waste-free cosmetics company.

Enviro-Stewards Water Purifier E-Gift Card

Help a Family Purchase a Sustainable Water Purifier

By Enviro-Stewards Inc.

Price: $100 (CAD & USD)

Since its founding in 2000, Enviro-Stewards has created environmental and economic sustainability solutions for a wide range of businesses and households. In 2004, the company launched its Safe Water Project to help create viable long-term solutions for African communities, recognizing that more than 1 billion people don’t have access to safe water. Each project is developed as a locally managed microenterprise using sustainable technology (biosand filters) that do not require energy or chemicals to operate, are easy to maintain, and can be constructed with locally available materials. The gift in this guide will help a family to purchase a water purifier for their home, from a locally owned and operated social venture, that will provide safe water for 25 years.

Equator Coffee Roasters

Cup of Joy Coffee Bundle

By Equator Coffee Roasters

Price: $25 (CAD & USD)

Using its business to do good has been Equator’s inspiration from the start. And over the last 20-plus years, Equator and all the customers who buy its coffee have been blessed to impact so many different communities, including communities impacted by SchoolBox, as Equator donates 10 cents of every pound of coffee we sell directly to SchoolBOX. This cup of joy includes a bag of coffee and a mug — a small gift with a big impact to say, “I appreciate you,” to a hardworking colleague, friend, or neighbor.

Fair Trade Organic Cotton Face Masks

Fair Trade Organic Cotton Face Masks

By The Good Tee

Price: $18

The Good Tee champions responsible manufacturing: slower production schedules, ethical working conditions, and fair deals for all. The Good Tee supports senior inclusivity and helps prevent senior isolation. The company is donating 20% of all face mask sales to its friends at Music Share. Music Share’s amazing programming pairs trained volunteers with senior residents to engage in one-to-one music listening sessions.

Goodee Hoodie

Goodee Hoodie

By Goodee World

Price: $100

GOODEE responsibly creates pieces that not only champion good design, but also create community while working toward the greater good of our world. Comforting, intentional and impactful, each item carries the opportunity to take part in a larger conversation on creativity, humanity and social change.Co-designed with B Corp brand Kotn, the Goodee Hoodie helps preserve and support the Egyptian cotton community while also giving back to the environment through use of natural materials and water conservation efforts in production.

Akhmim Woven Bedspread

By Kotn

Price: $180

Since Kotn’s founding in 2015, it has worked from the ground up to ensure fair labour practices and collaborative communities, working toward a strong foundation, designed to prosper for generations, not fiscal quarters. Traditionally handcrafted by loom, the Akhmim Woven Bedspread hails from its namesake Akhmim, Egypt, home to a unique weaving technique preserved from the Pharaonic era, and passed down by generations for hundreds of years. Working with local artisans to keep the centuries-old art of Akhmim weaving alive, this bedspread is ethically crafted from a local cotton-linen blend sourced through a direct-trade supply chain, with a portion of every sale donated to fund Kotn’s literacy program in Egypt, building schools for the children of farmers who grew the cotton for this piece.

Lucky Iron Fish

By Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise

Price: $50 CAD/ $40 USD

The Lucky Iron Fish is a simple cooking tool that makes it easy to add a boost of natural iron in your daily meals. It provides 6 to 8mg of iron per use, which is more than 50% of your daily required iron intake. Simply add your Lucky Iron Fish to any boiling liquid (such as soup, stew, curry, or even water with some citrus) for 10 minutes. That’s it, you now have iron-rich water or food! The product is vegan, natural, clinically proven and lasts up to 5 years. A portion of every sale goes to help undernourished communities around the world.

Eco M·Y·O Cosmetic Case

Eco M·Y·O Cosmetic Case

By MYO Cosmetic Cases

Price: $49.90 CAD/ $39.00 USD

Put on your face with zero waste by using this palm-sized customizable refill reuse makeup system, which reduces cosmetic packaging waste and organizes your makeup. As an eco-conscious indie beauty brand, MYO aims to reduce the more than 120 billion units of cosmetic packaging produced globally each year, the majority of which end up in landfills.

Pela Phone Case Image

Blush Sister Compostable Phone Case

By Pela

Price: $54.95 CAD/ $44.95 USD

Pela Case is the world’s first 100% compostable, eco-friendly phone case that also has military-grade drop protection. Pela is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, so the company supports organizations who are working hard to better the planet. The Pela Case is made of Flaxstic, which is comprised of compostable bioplastic elastomer and flax straw materials. The material has been tested to be safe and free of phthalates, BPA, cadmium and lead and is verified to meet child-safety standards in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. This Sister Blush compostable phone case is not only made from plants, it was designed with a whole bunch of love by one of Pela’s in-house creatives in support of womxn everywhere.

12 Days of Coffee- Salt Spring Coffee

12 Days of Coffee

By Salt Spring Coffee

Price: $41.82 (CAD & USD)

Being fair to farmers is the heart of Salt Spring Coffee. Since 2001, Salt Spring has been supporting coffee producers and their communities to improve their quality of life and equipment, which also increases coffee quality. Salt Spring Coffee’s 12 Days of Coffee is the perfect introduction to the company’s delicious, fair trade, organic coffee. With roasts ranging from medium to dark, the 12 Days of Coffee will have your loved ones excited to wake up and experience the tasting notes of each coffee.


Unbelts Intrepid

By Unbelts

Price: $49

Unbelts was founded with two goals in mind: helping you feel great in your jeans, but also creating quality jobs for every single person along its supply chain. Every Intrepid is sewn in its Edmonton, Alberta, studio, the last stage of its entirely living-wage supply chain.The flexible belt that loves bodies of every age, shape, and gender; for every belt purchased, one is given to a community member in need. Backed by Unbelts lifetime guarantee, you buy the Intrepid once, and the company will repair or replace it forever.

The Unscented Company Lotions

Happy Hands Kit

By The Unscented Company

Price: $39.99 (CAD & USD)

The best trio of products for the cleanest and softest of hands, that you can refill over and over again. The Unscented Company was founded in 2016 with two goals in mind. They wanted to “redefine the notion of clean by offering exclusively unscented all natural products.” They also design their packaging to allow customers to refill their bottles either at home or in-store.

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