Made With Love B Corp Gift Guide

December 10, 2020

12 Ethically Produced Gift Ideas

The clothes, furniture, utensils — all the products — we use every day are made somewhere by someone, often by many someones in many different somewheres. Our purchasing decisions can have a positive impact on these people and places when we choose options made with love by Certified B Corporations. This gift guide highlights 12 products and companies committed to treating those in their supply chains with dignity and with the goal of improving their lives and communities through their work.

Snowflake Calf Sock Gift Box

By Bombas

Price: $65

Bombas’s mission since day one has been to help those experiencing homelessness. That’s why for every item you purchase, Bombas donates an item on your behalf. Available in men’s and women’s sizes and colors, these Bombas Snowflake Calf Sock Gift Box is the perfect gift for providing comfort and warmth especially during the holiday season; and for every item purchased, a specially-designed item is donated to someone in need.

RePurposed Teca Mask

By Cotopaxi

Price: $13

Cotopaxi puts 1% of its revenue toward addressing poverty and supporting community development. Through its grant program, we promote organizations successfully improving the human condition. Made using surplus fabric, these super comfortable, non-medical grade masks keep perfectly good materials out of the landfill. When you buy one, the company donates a high-quality face mask to someone in need. When you wear one, you put the health of your community first.

Inspiring Icons Feminist Sock 12-Pack Gift Set

By Creative Action Network

Price: $144.99

Creative Action Network is a community of artists and advocates making art with purpose. The company runs crowdsourced campaigns around causes, inviting anyone and everyone to contribute their own meaningful designs that are then developed into a range of physical goods, from posters to apparel to home goods. These iconic socks are designed by Maggie Stern Stitches (a feminist maker in Massachusetts) and each pair celebrates a famous woman and bears her inspirational quote across the sole, with the intention of spreading joy and positivity to all who wear them. And, Creative Action Network gives back to UltraViolet feminist organization with every sale.

Circular Memory Jacket

By Dhana

Price: $450

Circular Fashion is fashion designed with the consideration for the longevity of clothing use. At Dhana, circular fashion is taking back unwanted or no-longer-of-use garments to upcycle them for new garments, resell them, or donate to Worn Again Technologies to be recycled into new fibers. The Circular Memory Jacket celebrates the creations of customers and honors the memories through fashion. Designed for zero-waste, the jacket is a lifetime piece built for performance and functionality. Great for traveling, outdoor adventures, and every day, it’s an outdoor jacket you will feel proud to wear.

Fair Trade Organic Cotton Face Masks

By The Good Tee

Price: $18

The Good Tee champions responsible manufacturing: slower production schedules, ethical working conditions, and fair deals for all. The Good Tee supports senior inclusivity and helps prevent senior isolation. The company is donating 20% of all face mask sales to its friends at Music Share. Music Share’s amazing programming pairs trained volunteers with senior residents to engage in one-to-one music listening sessions.

Goodee Hoodie

By Goodee World

Price: $100

GOODEE responsibly creates pieces that not only champion good design, but also create community while working toward the greater good of our world. Comforting, intentional and impactful, each item carries the opportunity to take part in a larger conversation on creativity, humanity and social change.Co-designed with B Corp brand Kotn, the Goodee Hoodie helps preserve and support the Egyptian cotton community while also giving back to the environment through use of natural materials and water conservation efforts in production.

The Cadence Overall

By Known Supply

Price: $65

Known Supply is humanizing the apparel industry. Each piece is hand-signed so you can learn more about the maker of your item. The Cadence Overall is the best in class when it comes to sustainable and ethical practices. Oh, and also comfort. Not only is this item made using sustainable materials and fair trade certified wages, it also allows you to meet the person who made it.

Akhmim Woven Bedspread

By Kotn

Price: $180

Since Kotn’s founding in 2015, it has worked from the ground up to ensure fair labour practices and collaborative communities, working toward a strong foundation, designed to prosper for generations, not fiscal quarters. Traditionally handcrafted by loom, the Akhmim Woven Bedspread hails from its namesake Akhmim, Egypt, home to a unique weaving technique preserved from the Pharaonic era, and passed down by generations for hundreds of years. Working with local artisans to keep the centuries-old art of Akhmim weaving alive, this bedspread is ethically crafted from a local cotton-linen blend sourced through a direct-trade supply chain, with a portion of every sale donated to fund Kotn’s literacy program in Egypt, building schools for the children of farmers who grew the cotton for this piece.

Holiday Table Linen Napkins


Price: $69

NEEV’s entire supply chain is ethical, fair trade and eco-friendly. The company is proudly partnered with Indian artisan-owned cooperatives that provide livable wages and steady jobs while keeping the exquisite handloom weaving artistry and traditions alive. Make your guests feel welcome and loved with these elegant table linen napkins lovingly handcrafted by women artisans.

Modern Leather Tote

By Noonday Collection

Price: $228

Noonday Collection believes that investing in a woman’s economic empowerment impacts an entire community. The company partners with artisan businesses to create opportunities for women who are vulnerable, empowering them to earn a sustainable income and become leaders in their communities. In this tote, luscious leather is stitched into a modern silhouette and finished with an eye-catching cotton print lining. Because of the unique vegetable tanning process Noonday Collection’s partners use, over time the leather will transition from a light fawn to a rich caramel color. Handcrafted by artisans in India, this tote supports the creation of dignified work and poverty alleviation.

Black Cherry Heritage Canvas Alpargata


Price: $49.95

Thanks to its one-for-one model, the TOMS community has given almost 100 million shoes to people in need. TOMS will also dedicate at least one-third of its net annual profits to a giving fund managed by its own Giving Team. TOMS mission of using business to improve lives includes taking good care of the place we all call home, which is why this shoe, a product from its earthwise collection, uses materials rooted in earth-friendly materials.

Unbelts Intrepid

By Unbelts

Price: $49

Unbelts was founded with two goals in mind: helping you feel great in your jeans, but also creating quality jobs for every single person along its supply chain. Every Intrepid is sewn in its Edmonton, Alberta, studio, the last stage of its entirely living-wage supply chain. The flexible belt that loves bodies of every age, shape, and gender; for every belt purchased, one is given to a community member in need. Backed by Unbelts lifetime guarantee, you buy the Intrepid once, and the company will repair or replace it forever.

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