A B Corp Month Collective Climate Action Resource

March 30, 2023

B Corps Offer Services and Products to Help Other Businesses Reduce Their Climate Footprint

The global climate crisis requires collective climate action solutions — and the Certified B Corporation community is finding new ways of doing business that enhance their environmental impact. That collective nature also is evident in a B Corp Month climate action resource designed to help other businesses reduce their environmental footprint. 

The climate action resource highlights how adjusting some of the typical aspects of running a business — from retirement plans to branded merchandise to event travel — can help B Corps (and other companies) of all sizes take climate action and go beyond the norm. While these changes can start small, they can lead to systemic change when they gain momentum and uptake. 

A collaboration of U.S. and Canadian B Corps produced the Climate Impact Resource, a new downloadable resource with information from and for B Corps and other impact-driven businesses to help them lead the charge on solutions to the climate crisis.

Organized by Jenny Morgan of B Corp Tradewater, a collaboration of U.S. and Canadian B Corps produced the Climate Impact Resource, a new downloadable resource with information from and for B Corps and other impact-driven businesses to help them lead the charge on solutions to the climate crisis. “This climate action campaign for B Corp Month allows us to amplify how we have collectively integrated climate action into our work,” Morgan says, noting that the resource can be especially helpful for small and medium-sized companies at the start of their climate impact work. “Climate solutions are possible, and climate impact is an option for all business sizes. No matter your expertise, budget, and available resources, anyone can get involved in taking action.”

The resource highlights green investment strategies, sustainable promotional products, methods to eliminate food waste, guidance on tradeshow materials and travel, and business climate solutions. As climate experts say, there is a “rapidly closing window of opportunity” for climate action. Through services as products like those in the resource, B Corps and other purpose-driven businesses are pursuing meaningful and transparent solutions to reduce their environmental footprint — and sharing what they learn with others. 

Below, get a look at excerpts from the climate action resource and an overview of the featured B Corps and their services and products designed to help other companies measure and reduce their environmental footprint.

Ready to Go Beyond?

This new guide showcases stories of B Corp partnerships based on supply chain, place, sector, and collective action to help you and your organization go beyond.


From Green Retirement: Climate Action Through Sustainable and Socially Responsible Investing

Longtime B Corp Green Retirement specializes in retirement planning that incorporates social responsibility and environmental sustainability. They work with businesses and nonprofits to help employees harness the power of their retirement plan assets for good. 

Green Retirement specializes in setting up small business 401(k), nonprofit organization 403(b), and individual IRA plans that include sustainable and socially responsible investments to help achieve your retirement goals. 

excerpt from the climate action resource

“Understanding the principles and strategies of green investing can not only provide you with financial security but can also allow you to use your 401(k) for good. The following organizations can help guide you and have free resources to get you started: Adasina Social Capital, Change Finance, Green Retirement, B Corp Nia Impact Capital, SocialK, B Corp Trillium Asset Management, and Vert Global Sustainable Real Estate Fund.”

From Fairware: Promotional Merchandise From a Sustainable Supply Chain

In 2005, Co-Founders Denise Taschereau, CEO, and Sarah White, COO, started Fairware Promotional Products to source promotional merchandise that reflects the social and environmental priorities of many brands and organizations. Today, the Fairware team continues the work by regularly onboarding impact vendors and working with businesses across North America to align their promotional products with their values and campaign needs.

In 2011, Fairware took its commitment to the next level by becoming a B Corp in Canada. Fairware partners with many B Corp vendors and other businesses that align with their sustainability and supply chain requirements to offer a range of apparel, home goods, stationery, outdoor essentials, and other products. With a lineup that includes more than branded promotional products, Fairware can support high-impact giveaways, employee retention programs, zero-waste programs, and online activations.

excerpt from the climate action resource

“If carbon neutrality is essential to your business, choose branded merchandise that aligns with your company values — because your merch showcases your brand and communicates who you are.”

Ancient Nutrition: Climate Action Strategies to Reduce Food Waste

 In 2016, Ancient Nutrition was born from Jordan Rubin and Dr. Josh Axe’s deep belief in the power of superfoods. After navigating their own and others’ health journeys, they made a commitment to creating supplements they couldn’t find on the market: products that unite nature and science to help people live their healthiest lives in mind, body, and spirit. As part of that commitment, Ancient Nutrition dedicates 1% of revenue to the R.A.N.C.H Project in support of regenerative agriculture, nutrition, and climate health.

excerpt from the climate action resource

“Food waste is a serious problem. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that nearly 40% of food is wasted in the U.S., much of it going into landfills and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Globally, according to the United Nations, 8%-10% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from food waste. This is without getting into the economic impact it has on businesses in the form of wasted resources. But there are ways to cut down on food waste and help the environment at the same time.”

The New Leaf Paper team incorporated sustainability into booth branding, planning, and travel logistics for a recent trade show.

New Leaf Paper: Sustainable Travel and Trade Show Strategies for Impact Improvement

New Leaf Paper is a founding B Corp and initially certified in 2007. In 2022, they updated their legal structure and became a benefit corporation. New Leaf Paper offers a wide selection of coated, uncoated, and publishing/office papers, produced in North America with 100% post-consumer recycled content (PCRF). For every order, New Leaf Paper helps make the world greener by planting trees as part of the national OneTreePlanted program.

The majority of workers or customers want to work with a company that has a positive social or environmental impact. New Leaf Paper believes that all businesses can make a difference by adapting processes to be more sustainable. By being connected to the B Corp community, New Leaf Paper gains inspiration, navigation, and accountability among like-minded organizations. 

excerpt from the climate action resource

“At New Leaf Paper, we’re proud to weave sustainability into our business practices, not just our products. Whether it’s a board meeting, a trade show, or an educational or entertainment gathering, all of us can be environmental stewards while planning and attending events. Learn more about our recent Campus Market Expo Trade Show and see how we carried our mission throughout our recent trade show booth, sales materials, and travel.”

Members of the Tradewater team test the amount of methane leaking from an abandoned oil and gas well, which they later permanently plugged.

Tradewater: Tools to Measure and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Tradewater is a mission-based project development company focused on the collection, control, and destruction of non-CO2 greenhouse gasses to help prevent climate change. Founded in 2016, Tradewater joined the B Corp community in 2022. Tradewater’s projects include the destruction of refrigerants and halon fire suppressants that are potent greenhouse gases and deplete the ozone layer. The B Corp also finds, measures, and plugs abandoned and orphaned oil and gas wells that are leaking methane into the atmosphere. It offers a free online tool to help small and medium-sized businesses measure their carbon footprint.

In a time when impact washing is prevalent, Tradewater believes that business and movement leaders must show their impact, live their values, and truly act for positive change. 

excerpt from the climate action resource

“B Corps are sharing their expertise on how to reduce your business’s carbon footprint and support high-quality climate solutions to offset the rest. Determine your key climate goals and lean on the community to achieve your goals. Tradewater is honored to partner with businesses that are going beyond climate impact.”  

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