Transition to a B Corp Supply Chain Model to Increase Collective Positive Impact

March 7, 2023

Partner with B2B B Corps to Drive a Stakeholder Economy

Certified B Corporations go beyond business as usual every day, in numerous ways: In their supply chain model, in their pursuit of continuous improvement, in their commitment to using business as a force for good. As they celebrate B Corp Month and their commitment to Go Beyond normal business practices, B Corps also celebrate the power of their interdependence and collective impact. Through business-to-business partnerships and collaborations in their supply chain models, B Corps of all sizes can work together to amplify their impact, strengthen their bottom lines, and prove that achieving a stakeholder economy is possible. 

The focus on partnership for collective impact is a distinguishing value of the B Corp community, said Jorge Fontanez, CEO of B Lab U.S. & Canada, during the closing session at Champions Retreat 2022. “We are more than the sum of our parts,” he said. “This is a historic moment for making deep changes to our current system.” As more businesses around the world join the B Corp community, Fontanez said, the positive impact will continue to multiply and accelerate the transformative change needed to shape a more inclusive and regenerative economy. “This is how we build a movement.” 

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Build a B Corp Supply Chain Model at Your Company

To celebrate B Corp Month and highlight how B Corps are teaming to go beyond the expected, B The Change invited business-to-business B Corps to submit information on their services and products that help increase collective impact. Get a preview of each of the B2B lists below, then follow the links to learn more and find potential new partners to increase the impact of your company’s supply chain model!

B2B Sustainability B Corps: No matter the focus of your business, it’s crucial to consider its lasting impact on the environment. Learn more about a few B Corps that can help manage your company’s carbon footprint and help improve its environmental impact. 

B2B Marketing B Corps: Every organization has a story to tell. The B Corps on this list are powered by creative, passionate, and talented people poised to share your company’s story while simultaneously standing firm in their own commitments to social and environmental responsibility. 

B2B Merchandising B Corps: Business leaders looking to celebrate their colleagues and associates can partner with suppliers who also strive to create value for their stakeholders. From brandable merchandise to personalized gift boxes, these B Corps help other businesses give something meaningful that aligns with their brand’s impact. 

B2B Accounting and Employee Benefits B Corps: Every company can benefit from a strong operational infrastructure that supports its employees and its financial health. These B Corps are ready to help keep your company’s finances and benefits in order so you can build from a firm foundation.

B2B B Corp Consultants to Help Advance Racial Equity in the Workplace: The B Corps highlighted in this article offer services to help other businesses re-examine their practices and policies and advance racial equity so employees can bring their full selves to work. By partnering with these B Corps, companies can move forward on the journey toward a more inclusive economy and make progress on racial equity as part of B Lab U.S. & Canada’s Theory of Change. 

Search the B Corp Directory for other potential business partners.

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