12 B2B Marketing B Corps

May 12, 2022

Amplify Your Company’s Story With These Creative B Corps

Every organization has a story to tell. The Certified B Corporations on this list are powered by creative, passionate, and talented people who are poised to share your company’s story while simultaneously standing firm in their own commitments to social and environmental responsibility. Within this list, you will find not only gifted strategists but partners devoted to a shared vision of the world where businesses can grow while creating good for people and the planet.

Through services ranging from web design and development to social media and content strategy, this group of companies can assist you in increasing engagement to maximize your impact. Explore this list to find a partner in storytelling and purpose.

Bark Media

United States

Women-Owned, Small Business

Bark Media uses its expertise in storytelling, brand-building, and audience engagement to advance the shifts in business, society, and politics that they believe are necessary to realize the future we want to see. That’s what drives the organization and what defines its mission: to tell and amplify the authentic stories of the people, businesses, and movements building a better world.

Bridge City Media

United States

Small Business

Bridge City Media is a team of artists, strategists, and big-picture thinkers that brings over two decades of experience in brand strategy and video production. Since 2016, they have served more than 100 businesses and nonprofits across the country by telling stories that address the biggest issues of our time.


United States

Small Business

Bullhorn transforms purpose-driven brands through naming, identity design, and brand campaigns for companies, products, or services. They believe that good design without strong language is decoration, and strong language without good design falls flat. Bullhorn works hard to understand your company’s unique view of the world and translate that understanding into a visual and verbal identity to propel business growth. Finally, they can help you launch your new brand into the world. 


United States

Net Zero 2030, Small Business

c|change is a marketing consultancy that focuses on creating impact by elevating the sales and marketing of triple-bottom-line companies, especially those with B Corp Certification. For more than 20 years, c|change has used creativity to build buzz for clients’ brands, elevate their employees’ enthusiasm, and continually deliver in the most thoughtful and meaningful way possible. 

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Creative Chi

United States

Net Zero 2030, Women-Owned, Latinx-Owned, Small Business

Creative Chi’s mission is to guide corporations in sustainable branding by leading with their purpose and creating an authentic, passionate brand connection with customers and stakeholders. Their passion is crafting strategy and visuals for companies that understand they are more than just businesses and aim to inspire and insist on positive social and environmental impact in our world.

Evolution Marketing, LLC

United States

Net Zero 2030, Women-Owned, Small Business

Evolution Marketing, LLC provides consulting and storytelling, environmentally responsible creative design, and ethical marketing services for triple-bottom-line businesses with a commitment to positive social and environmental impact. They also offer a variety of consulting and business advising services within the fields of sustainability, supply chain management, organic/natural food, farming, and third-party responsible business certifications.


Forster Communications

United Kingdom 

Best For The World 2021, Net Zero 2030, Women-Owned, Small Business

Forster Communications helps organizations turn their sustainability ambitions into action and is adept at forging cross-sector partnerships to create powerful communications. They combine experience, insights, and connections to tackle barriers, change policies into practice, and create tangible value for their clients, their stakeholders, and society.


United States

Small Business

JB Media is a social impact marketing agency dedicated to increasing the reach and authority of social enterprises, conscious companies, and mission-driven organizations across all digital channels. The agency works closely with clients to develop digital strategies that share their stories more widely and attract the people and communities they need to grow. JB Media believes that businesses have a significant role in creating change and works to amplify their message.

LUZ Società Benefit

Women-Owned, Small Business

LUZ is a multidisciplinary communications team focused on creating brand values ​​and stories, from conception to measurement of results, to build awareness in a natural way. By working with marketing directors, photo editors, and communication specialists, LUZ produces digital media content for publishers and companies. Internally, company leaders act as facilitators of individual and group expression using different tools — narration, personal stories, space design, and continuous workshops and experimentation with art and culture — for employee skill development. 

B Lab report

The Future of Work Is Now

The community of Certified B Corporations knows that profits don’t have to come at the expense of other stakeholders. Learn more in this report.


Richardson Media Group

United States

Women-Owned, Small Business

Richardson Media Group is a paid media and search engine optimization agency focused on results and built on collaboration. They manage advertising campaigns across multiple traditional and digital platforms, and acknowledge their role at the crossroads of today’s conversation around how to safeguard user privacy and information sharing, especially in targeted media buys. Richardson Media Group has taken steps to be as transparent as possible with clients and agency partners, providing access to evolving information and setting high standards for use of media-buying tools and the ad vehicles themselves. 

RoundPeg Benefit LLC

United States


RoundPeg is a marketing consultancy that works with B Corps and other for-benefit businesses to amplify their impact and do more good. They help social impact companies discover and activate their purpose to engage customers, increase retention, and build loyal communities of influence.

Yoyo Design

United Kingdom 

Women-Owned, Small Business

Yoyo Design is a digital agency that strategizes, designs, develops, and delivers unique digital experiences to engage people with brands across a variety of industries. Yoyo Design works to deliver impactful digital experiences for clients and grow a sustainable business that prioritizes people and the planet. 

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