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We’re happy to share an opportunity for Champions Retreat 2024 attendees to provide savings on hotels and meaningfully contribute to climate action. We’ve partnered again with travel company TripZero (a Certified B Corp) to purchase one Certified Carbon Offset for every tonne of CO2 produced by Champions Retreat attendees’ travel.

With the help of our partner hotels – Pan Pacific Vancouver, Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel, and Delta Hotels by Marriott Vancouver Downtown, we’ve secured discounted room rates exclusively for Champions Retreat attendees at Pan Pacific Vancouver, Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel, and Delta Hotels by Marriott Vancouver Downtown. By booking a room at one of these hotels, we collectively enable TripZero to offset the carbon footprint created by our travel.


Through the purchase of certified carbon offsets, TripZero funds reforestation and renewable energy projects that remove pollution from the atmosphere. These projects offset the impact of our travel, and create plenty of benefits for local communities. Want to learn more? Take a moment to watch this project video.

Take advantage of our discounted hotel rates provided just for you!

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Travel Instructions

American citizens must present a passport that is valid for at least three months beyond the date of their expected departure date from Canada. Please note that if you do not have the proper documents, you may be delayed or unable to board the plane. All other nationals are advised to check with Canadian authorities for document requirements.

For the most up to date travel information from the United States, please visit the international travel page.

All international travelers must carry acceptable identification and a valid visa (if necessary) when entering Canada. A passport is recommended because it is the only reliable and universally accepted travel and identification document for the purpose of international travel.

Consult entry requirements by country.

*Please check with a passport office near you to find out the processing time to receive a passport if you do not have one.

Travel Insurance

Traveling from the United States? To protect your trip costs and yourself while on your trip, you may choose to purchase comprehensive travel insurance. We partner with Wanderwell, a Certified B Corp that offers trip protection coverage and advocacy. Wanderwell makes this as simple as possible, offering a modern, comprehensive trip protection style plan designed to cover the most common travel perils related to trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, travel medical expenses, baggage & personal effects, emergency medical evacuation, and more. The sooner you purchase, the more it can cover.

Purchase coverage through our Wanderwell/B Lab U.S. & Canada partner page, and at least 3% of your purchase premium price will be donated to the Planet Impact Fund and 1% for the Planet.

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*If you are not a U.S. resident, the Wanderwell Support Team can also make recommendations for companies in your home country.

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What is B Lab doing to mitigate the climate impact of Champions Retreat?

In the heart of one of the world’s most sustainability-minded cities, the Vancouver Convention Centre stands as a benchmark venue. Renowned for its green initiatives, including a green roof and LEED Platinum certification, the venue embodies the city’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Choosing Vancouver and the Convention Centre for the 2024 Champions Retreat was a natural decision, aligning with our sustainability goals and core values.

Grouse Mountain, nestled amid breathtaking natural surroundings, employs eco-friendly practices and a commitment to wildlife conservation. The resort’s dedication to renewable energy sources and responsible land use showcases its commitment to environmental stewardship.


To further enhance the Retreat’s commitment to sustainability, we’ve joined forces with TripZero (a Certified B Corp) to purchase one Certified Carbon Offset for every tonne of CO2 produced by Champions Retreat attendees’ travel. These projects help fund renewable energy, methane reduction, and forestry projects that benefit local communities. As much as possible, we encourage our attendees to choose a less carbon-intensive way of arriving to and getting around the event, such as by train or public transportation, bicycle, or even on foot.

In collaboration with Greener by Default, Champions Retreat takes sustainability a step further. By making plant-based food the default option, we’re not only aligning with carbon reduction goals but also promoting healthier choices. This strategy allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and improve inclusivity, all while preserving freedom of choice by providing options for those who prefer meat and dairy.

Our dedication extends beyond cuisine to the very materials used at the event. Where possible, printing occurs on sustainable substrates, and we’ve diligently worked to eliminate or reduce single-use items. Stay tuned for more details as we continue our journey towards hosting events that prioritize environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and attendee well-being.

Vancouver Guide

Vancouver Guide

To help you explore the city, we’ve pulled together a comprehensive Vancouver Guide full of the most innovative and inspiring examples of sustainability, innovation, and community engagement. The guide is divided into five sections, featuring both additional Champions Retreat activities, self-directed experiences, and local B Corps.

View the Guide