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Presenting Sponsors

Thank you to our presenting sponsors who support the excellence and impact of this event across all dimensions of the Retreat.

Restore Sponsor

Champions Retreat featured a program full of unique healing and restorative experiences. Thank you to our Restore sponsor whose financial support made this core Retreat program possible.

Impact Sponsors

Thank you to our Impact sponsors whose support helped us harness the incredible and positive energy brought by retreat attendees by supporting a breakout room/track and helping us facilitate collaboration, thought leadership, and networking.

Collaborator Sponsors

Thank you to our Collaborator sponsors whose financial support was directed to creating a program rich in poetry, art, and music designed to showcase the unique qualities of Vancouver.

B Keeper Sponsors

Thank you to our B Keeper sponsors whose support helped us all make meaningful and lasting connections.

In Kind & Media Sponsors

Champions Retreat 2019 Marketplace-1
Champions Retreat 2022 Marketplace-2
Champions Retreat 2019 Marketplace-3

Marketplace Vendors


The Champions Retreat Marketplace was an onsite activation experience designed to showcase a variety of complimentary B Corp products and services. Through the Marketplace, conference attendees meaningfully engaged and interacted with participating companies’ offerings.

Local Partners & Contributors