5 Key Takeaways About B Corp Brand Awareness in 2023

March 12, 2024

The latest survey shows that B Corp recognition is strong in the U.S. & Canada, led by Millennials and Gen Z.

B Corps are for-profit companies demonstrating high social and environmental performance, verified by the non-profit B Lab. B Corps leverage their business power to drive change and create a more sustainable and equitable society. In late 2023, Certified B Corp Fors Marsh collaborated with B Lab U.S. & Canada to conduct a comprehensive online survey involving over 2,000 respondents.1 The survey was crafted to gauge consumer and job-seeker awareness and opinions regarding the B Corp Certification. This effort builds upon research B Lab U.S. & Canada and Fors Marsh published together in 2022.

The research shows that strong awareness and knowledge of the B Corp brand is influencing consumer action. Highlighting B Corp Certification can help a company stand out in a crowded field of certifications and develop deeper trust with consumers—especially younger ones who increasingly factor in a company’s environmental and social commitment when making purchases.2, 3 The study also found that consumers who recognized the B Corp brand most frequently recalled seeing the logo on a product. Certification labeling is a key differentiator for B Corps aiming to connect with this engaged and growing audience.

  1. Over one-third of adults in the U.S. and Canada are aware of the B Corp brand.

Our 2023 survey found that 36% of U.S. adults and 35% of Canadian adults were aware of the B Corp brand name or logo.4 Additionally, about one-third of adults who were aware of the B Corp Certification reported recommending a product because of its B Corp Certification, showing that people are aware of and talking about the B Corp Certification.

2. Millennial and Gen Z awareness of B Corp Certification is high.

Respondents ages 18 to 39 had the highest awareness of the B Corp brand (51% in the U.S. and 47% in Canada). In contrast, adults ages 40+ had lower awareness of the B Corp brand, with 28% of adults in the U.S., and 29% in Canada reporting being aware of B Corp Certification or recalling the B Corp logo. High awareness among Millennials and Gen Z is critical, as these consumers are most likely to use their values to shape their purchase behavior, according to a recent study from McKinsey and NielsenIQ

According to the Hartman Group’s 2023 Sustainability study, consumers aware of certifications are more inclined to purchase products with that certification. Consumer education is a critical way to add value and communicate transparency. The study also notes that Millennials are more likely to be aware of most certifications, including several less well-known ones.5

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3. Most adults believe the B Corp Certification is making a positive impact; view it as trusted and rigorous.

According to our survey, 63% of adults in the U.S. and 71% of adults in Canada who were aware of B Corp Certification believe that the certification is making a positive impact. Most adults agreed that certifications help them to make decisions about business, and nearly half of adults agreed that certified companies are those that are truly ethical. In addition, consumers continue to view the standard as rigorous. Eighty percent of U.S. adults reported believing that the standards for obtaining B Corp Certification are somewhat, very, or extremely rigorous, and 81% have some, a lot, or very high trust in the certification. 

“It helps make a difference” was reported as the top motivator for purchasing from a B Corp in the U.S. (62%), followed closely by “Better for the environment” (61%). Price (“I think they will be more expensive”) was reported as the top barrier to purchasing from B Corps in the U.S. (47%).

4. The B Corp Certification is most commonly associated with fair business practices, sustainability/climate change, access to healthcare, and racial equity/anti-racism.

When asked how important social issues are to a B Corp, respondents in the U.S. reported fair business practices (63%), sustainability/climate change (60%), access to healthcare (60%), and racial equity/anti-racism (58%) as the most connected to B Corp values. Young adults ages 18–29 were the most likely to rate social issues (workers’ rights, sustainability/climate change, animal rights/welfare, and racial equity/anti-racism) as very important to them. Younger people translate this desire to address societal issues to their purchasing decisions, according to the Hartman Group’s latest study: “Whether in person or online, younger shoppers are more likely to consider sustainability in purchasing.”6

5. Product labeling is essential for B Corp brand awareness.

The most effective way for B Corps to communicate their certification is to include the B Corp logo on their products. Of respondents who were aware of the B Corp Certification, most reported seeing the B Corp logo and/or name on a product (49% of respondents in the U.S. and 45% in Canada). Labeling presents an opportunity to shape consumer behavior closest to action and remains one of the top sources of recall for the B Corp Certification logo. Social media was the second-highest place of recall (34% in the U.S. and 33% in Canada).

How B Corps can grow brand awareness

First, let the world know! Tell your customers, suppliers, community, and consumers how and why your company certified, and include the logo on your packaging and all your brand properties. In particular, product labeling remains a crucial factor in consumer decision-making, since knowing about a company’s environmental and social commitments influences their purchasing behavior.

Second, incorporate your B Corp journey into your brand narrative. These storytelling moments are essential in a brand’s overall identity, and a key deciding factor at the point of sale, especially for Millennials and Gen Z. Impact storytelling is vital in transforming our economic system and building better businesses. 

Finally, March is B Corp Month, an annual campaign where our community celebrates everything it means to be a B Corp. Join forces during B Corp Month with 8,000+ B Corps around the world to leverage the power of collective storytelling. 



1Methodology: A web-based survey of U.S. and Canadian individuals was drawn from a pool of non-random panel members. 

Data were weighted to be generalizable to the population. Canadian and U.S. adults were weighted separately and thus are reported separately throughout the briefing deck. 

Select subgroup splits are shown for U.S. adults only due to sample size limitations for Canadian respondents. 

Fielding Dates: 8/22/23–9/1/23


3The Hartman Group. (2023). Sustainability 2023: Making Things Personal. p. 38.

4Starting in 2023, we changed the survey to align with B Lab Global so that we could track awareness globally. In doing so, we altered the order and phrasing of the brand recall and awareness questions. We intend to keep the questions the same to track going forward, with the 2023 statistics as our baseline.

5The Harman Group  2023, p. 70.

6The Hartman Group 2023, p. 80

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